Review: Bison takes center stage at Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill view from outside
Photo courtesy Pinterest

Have you ever had the urge to try a new food, perhaps bison? Try finding a Ted’s Montana Grill close to you. We have one in Tallahassee off Capital Circle Northeast.

This chain started in Columbus, Ohio in January 2002; there are now 43 Ted’s Montana Grills in 17 states.  The eatery in Tallahassee was worth exploring, especially for someone new to bison.

Bison rancher Ted Turner started Ted’s Montana Grill. Turner founded CNN and is the former owner of the Atlanta Braves. He has land just east of Tallahassee in Jefferson County. Turner had the help of restaurateur George Mckerrow Jr, founder of Longhorn Steakhouse.  As you guessed it, this restaurant is known for its bison dishes.

Ted’s Montana Grill’s menu includes other kinds of meat, but mainly bison.  Ranging from bison meatloaf to bison pot roast to bison burgers, there are also bison steak and bison ribs. It will be a new experience for most.  All bison served is National Bison Association-certified; part of starting this restaurant was to keep bison from becoming extinct.

With all of this bison talk, I’m sure you are wondering how deep this will run your pockets, I was. Ted’s Montana Grill is more expensive than the average restaurant.  The bison meatloaf is $14.50, the bison pot roast is $18.50, and the bison steak is $32.  The cost gets cheaper with appetizers, with the bison nachos at $8.

Although this is a great experience, it’s a bit on the pricey side depending on your preference.

I tried the bison nachos and the braised bison short ribs. Both were delicious.  I was hooked once the polite server laid the braised bison short ribs on the tabletop. First bite in, the sweet and tender bison exceeded my expectations. Also, bring an appetite. The portions are quite fulfilling.

Ted’s Montana Grill is an interesting restaurant. When I received my change after paying, I received a $2 bill and $1 coins as part of it.  It was unique and a great way to remember the place; I was told this is also what they are known for.  The restaurant is eco friendly and has provided only paper straws since it opened in 2002.  Turner is committed to sustainable restaurant practices and was one of the first restaurant owners to enforce having 100 percent compostable to-go cups and biomass cutlery in his establishments.

Ted’s Montana Grill is a great place to try a new food and feel an old western vibe.  It gets a thumbs up.