Review: Job well done, Boru Boru

Boru Boru, located on West Tennessee Stret, offers a new take on Japanese fare. Photo Submitted by Devante J. Carroll

Boru Boru, a chain restaurant specializing in rice bowls, sushi burritos and salad bowls, offers a new way of eating Japanese staples.

After opening up on West Tennessee Street in April around Easter weekend, the word is still having trouble spreading across the Tallahassee community about the fresh Japanese-influenced food it has to offer.

After researching the menu and looking at photos from other customers posted online, it was time for me to make the drive to experience the culture of Japan. As I walked in the door, it was pretty much empty with only three people inside, which can be normal for a fairly new restaurant. The ambiance caught my attention as everything inside was very clean and well decorated.

The menu is rather big as it has different categories for what you want. For example, category one is called the boost, which is essentially a rice bowl with your choice of sushi rice, steamed rice or brown rice, that comes with two types of protein. Category two is poke, a bowl usually served with rice and either raw salmon, tuna or spicy tuna. Lastly, the house, a salad based bowl consisting of proteins like soft shell crab, sirloin steak, BBQ eel, bourbon chicken and tofu.

I decided to go with category one, The OC with sushi rice. The OC consisted of proteins including two pieces of tempura fried shrimp and California Krab. The dish also included shredded cabbage, avocado, crispy onions, pickled jalapeños and two sauces that enhanced the flavors of the dish.

I was very hungry, so I decided to get another entrée, the bao, a type of filled bun or bread-like dumpling in various Chinese cuisines that are packed with sweet and savory items. My bao combined the flavors of crispy pork belly, pickled red onions and peanut hoisin; a sweet and salty sauce used to glaze meat in Chinese cooking.

The cashier was exceptional in her knowledge of the menu, as I already knew what 80 percent of the menu was, I was just testing her knowledge of the menu.

As I took my number and waited for my food, I could see the head chef preparing my food and also prepping in advance for that day’s service. The fact that he was wearing gloves and the food was all fresh produce is what triggered my sense of taste and smell.

The food was up and the server walked it over to me as my mouth began to water. To me, presentation is key and they accomplished that part well. The smell was unforgettable and the taste is something I will never forget.

I just so happened to go on a Tuesday and on that day a free protein to any meal of your choice is on the house, free of charge. But on Wednesdays, FSU, TCC and FAMU students receive 10 percent off purchases, so definitely go on a Wednesday.

Job well done Boru Boru, you have an overly satisfied customer.