Meet the FAMU Forbes Under 30 Scholars

Photo courtesy Forbes

Our very own FAMU students were selected as the Forbes Under 30 scholars this summer.

Forbes, a business magazine that has been around for over 100 years, features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. In 2017, Forbes revealed the release of their scholarship program.

“This year, Forbes really wanted its Under 30 Scholars program to have a tangible impact, going further than just bringing talented students from top schools. Diversity and inclusion is something we have a vested interest in. We’re proud to recognize these students, keep the spotlight on this issue and be a part of the solution,” said Taylor Culliver, Under 30 Scholars program coordinator at Forbes Media.

The 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit is a more immersive experience than a static conference. There will be a private music festival, top notch speakers, investor speed-pitching, industry-focused field trips, a legendary pub crawl, a world-famous food festival, and a powerful day of community service.

When our FAMU students were selected to attend the Forbes Under 30 Summit in October, they were ecstatic about the news.

“I believe that this is a great opportunity to network with thousands of companies across the country who share like-minded thoughts. I will even appreciate the people who think differently than me, it will be great to get all the insight I can when I’m there,” said Brian Nwanze, fourth year health-care management student.

Another Forbes scholar, Eddlentz Philllistin, works 3 jobs in order to make it to the summit in October, but is grateful for this huge opportunity.

“It is very challenging balancing my schedule but I love it! I am a workaholic and I know that I want to be successful in life. My Haitian parents didn’t understand what Forbes was or what I accomplished at all, but once I explained it to them, they cried tears of joy,” said Phillistin.

Students attending this summit will be exposed to many different CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and athletes. A-list speakers who will be there to share tips and advice include Serena Williams, Normani, Kevin Durant, 21 Savage, and Steve Case just to name a few.

Michigan native and Forbes Under 30 scholar, Imani Hayden, revealed that her decision to attend FAMU was the right choice.

“FAMU teaches you a lot of life skills in and out of the classroom and grows you more as a person. This school challenges you academically and pushes you to get to a level that you thought you would never reach,” said Hayden.

It is essential that students have the opportunity to attend these types of events. Attending events like this force students to prepare for life after college. They also allow students to network with prominent companies and possibly secure careers in their fields.

Some other FAMU students that were chosen to be a part of the Forbes Under 30 Scholars program include Geno Johnson, Teylor Parks, Kyra Watts, and Mason Posey.