FAMU grad writes book for elementary school students

Photo courtesy Kyle Kyson Clark

Born and raised in Miami, Kyle Kyson Clark always saw himself as someone great.

After graduating in May of 2014 from Florida A&m University with a degree in  journalism, he became an elementary school teacher where he  didn’t know that he was in a place to make an impact.

Teaching first grade in an inner city, he was able to connect with his students and make some observations that encouraged him to want to be beneficial to them beyond the classroom.

While teaching his students he found out that only 1 in 26 of his students knew how to read and he wanted to do something in order to fix this.

His efforts to increase his students’ reading skills lad him to create his now published book, “YES! Today You’ll Be Great.”

Since publishing his book he has helped countless students recognize their importance and purpose in life.

It has encouraged many to keep trying and push beyond where they think their limits are.

“My biggest reward was when I read it to a group of high school students in summer school and a young student walked up to me after my reading and said she was having suicidal thoughts,” said Clark, “but after hearing the words from my book, it gave her a whole new meaning of life.”

Clark has been able to travel across the country and read his books to children and young adults.

His mission is to impact the world one reading at a time. All while using his story to inspire other young authors to challenge themselves and work for what they believe in.

“Something that describes him and his work ethic, would be the word endearing,” close friend and supporter Nijah Reed said in an email. “I say that because when Kyson is passionate about something you can see the love behind it.”

He now lives in Los Angeles, where he has faced many trials and triumphs. He has continued to use his passion as a tool to help him persevere through hard times.

Many of his friends and people who have bought his book have spoken on how his work has motivated them.

“I’ve read an article about Kyson and his book and it  was extremely interesting,” said Stanley Smith, “It’s just good to know that Rattlers from all over are pursuing their dreams.”

Clark lives by his faith and he is doing everything he can to bring positivity to everyone he encounters with a literary work filled with joy and inspiration.