SGA: One confirmed, another denied

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On Monday, the Student Government Association gathered alongside students in the Senate Chambers for their weekly meeting.

The meeting kicked off with announcements of events taking place this week, homecoming updates and updates from student leaders on tasks dealing with their elected roles.

At their previous meeting that took place last week, there was a discrepancy among the board on whether they would confirm or deny Titilayo Okuwa with the position of the SGA associate Justice. The debate on whether she would be granted the position or not came from a misunderstanding in one of the Senate documents questioning if abstaining votes could count in the two-thirds vote, or not.

Okuwa was asked to revisit the Senate Monday where she was asked several questions pertaining to her future position. After the Senate voted, Okuwa was confirmed.

“I’m just happy that everyone voted tonight, and voted for me. I’m also glad to see that Xavier has presented a bill to change the documents so they are consistent across the board. I would hate for another nominee to have to experience what I experienced last week,” said Okuwa.

In her closing statement, Okuwa thanked Melissa Lavoile, Chief Justice for appointing her. Okuwa will serve on the Judicial branch as the Associate Chief Justice for the 2019-2020 academic year.

During the meeting, Senator Xavier McClinton also revisited the misunderstood document and suggested a fix for future nominations.

While this was good news for Okuwa, Senior Broadcast Journalism student Darian Fordham did not get confirmed Monday.

Fordham sought to be confirmed as the Precinct Supervisor for the upcoming elections. After being asked several questions by the Senate, she was not confirmed but was encouraged not to give up.

Students seeking positions in SGA must know all information pertaining to the position they are seeking to fulfill. When they are not sure of such information, members of the Senate may choose not to vote for them, restricting them from the position.

Alexis Ethridge, Associate Chief Justice of the Traffic Court, left students with encouraging words.

“Tonight, was a mini-lesson and I encourage Fordham to go home and revisit documents and know her position to its entirety before returning to the Senate. I encourage students coming up for confirmation, no matter the position, I encourage you to know your documents or give the Senate a reason to say no. Know the questions before they are asked,” said Ethridge.

Near the end of the meeting, student leaders were given the chance to speak on how Monday’s meeting went and give helpful tips on how they could improve.

Senior Political Science student, Taylar Hall left the Senate and audience with this impactful tip.

“Always go with your gut when you are voting. Even if a person is answering all the questions correctly, you may not agree with them ethically and it’s important to choose your first mind,” said Hall.