Counseling Service offers new workshops

Worksheet packet and brochure attained at the Adulting workshop with tips to helps students make informed decisions.
Photo Submitted by Audriana Thomas

The Office of Counseling Service is starting off the semester with a bang. This fall, the counseling center will be hosting several programs on a weekly basis. These programs include Between Sista, Wind Down Wednesday, Rattlers Against Depression, Adulting Workshop and Healing Safely.

According to the American College Health Assessment, 63 percent of college students in the U.S. felt overwhelming anxiety in the past year. However, only 23 percent report being diagnosed or treated by a mental health professional.

These programs were developed in response to help address students’ needs. According to the FAMU Office of Counseling Services, the top five reasons students seek their services are anxiety, depression, relationships, academia and trauma.

These programs have been specifically tailored to accommodate all students by offering counseling through various avenues.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 85 percent of college students reported they felt overwhelmed with everything they had to do in at some point in the past year.

The workshops teach tools that can be utilized by people of all age groups. The adulting workshop focuses on helping students to make the best decision for them. Using a decision making model, students are walked through the decision making process step by step.

Each workshop brings something slightly different to the table; several include worksheets designed to help students focus on their individual needs. The workshops give students tools to improve their emotional intelligence. The workshops also encourage students to verbalize their feelings. However, they are not required to share their feelings.

The workshop can also serve as an introduction to counseling for those who are unsure if they would like to receive counseling.

While the workshops are a group setting, even if only one student shows up the workshop will still be held. Students are not required to attend every week to participate in programs. Attending regularly is recommended in order to fully grasp all concepts.

The OCS offers individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, psychiatric consultation, and crisis emergency intervention. All students who are currently enrolled can receive counseling paid for through the student health fee included in their tuition ($6.91 per credit hour).

The Office of Counseling Services is open five days a week and also offers after-hours resources as well.

The Counseling Center, previously housed in the Sunshine Manor, has moved to 636 Gamble St, across from FAMU Villages.

Students can schedule appointments by walking in or by calling 850-599-3145.