New academic coaches aim to improve student success

The Student Success Center’s new academic coaches. Photo courtesy

The undergraduate Student Success Center has added four new academic coaches for incoming freshmen.

The role of the academic coaches is to serve as accountability partners for students, ultimately making sure that the transition to campus is smooth and that they are aware of all the resources that FAMU has to offer in order for the students to be successful and graduate in four years.

Coaches are assigned through the student’s SLS classes. They have introduced themselves in the first two weeks of classes, essentially explaining their purpose and roles.

The one-on-ones with the coaches has started; this includes students who are freshmen and sophomores or on academic probation and need the extra help.

It’s required as a grade and mandatory for students to come and see their academic coaches.

Academic coach and FAMU alum Nia Henderson is in good spirits regarding her new position, and wishes that academic coaches had been available for her during her time in undergrad.

“To them, it seems exhausting because we’re pulling at them in so many different directions but as a FAMU alum, we didn’t have these opportunities. I definitely wish that I had the opportunity to have all these resources,” Henderson said.

The university has been working to get its students out in four years. With campaigns such as “Finish In 4” and the addition of the academic coaches, FAMU would like to encourage students and offer these resources beginning their freshman year.

“We’re essentially here to help them create good and efficient habits in the beginning so that they can graduate in four years,” said Henderson.

Chan-Erica Feacher, a FAMU alum and academic coach, tries to motivate students to take an interest in these opportunities early so they can be academically and socially successful.

“It’s all about maintaining the academic and social life balance and that’s what we’re here to help students do,” Feacher said.

Director of Academic Support Services,  Jamie Davis, explains how necessary the roles of the academic coaches are.

“The ultimate goal is metric five and that’s to ensure that freshman students complete 30 hours or more, earn a 2.0 or better and that they return for their sophomore year,” said Davis.