FAMU ranked No.2 public HBCU

FAMU ranked No. 2 public HBCU. Photo courtesy of famunews.com

Florida A&M University (FAMU) maintains its ranking as the No.2 public Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

FAMU was also ranked as No.7 of all public and private HBCUs, moving the university up two slots, keeping it among the top 10 HBCUs within the nation according to the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings.

In a recent statement, Dr. Larry Robinson, president of FAMU, says that these rankings reflect what the university has to offer. “These rankings are an indication of the excellent work of faculty, staff, administrators and, most importantly, our students themselves,” said Robinson. “We continue to implement innovative and time-proven strategies to ensure the success of our students in every aspect of their lives.”

FAMU ranked just below North Carolina A&T University (No.6) and just above Tuskegee University (No.8).

The university also placed higher than any other public HBCU on the list of national universities.

Indicators used to measure the academic quality of these HBCU rankings included: outcome measures, assessment by administrators at peer HBCUs, faculty resources, financial resources, student excellence and alumni giving, according to the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings.

Such indicators reflect the student body, faculty, and overall atmosphere of the HBCU, aiding it to become a top pick in prospective student’s college decision making process.

Former Miss 112th FAMU, Imani Cooper believes that because students typically research schools before making a final decision, FAMU being ranked No. 2 will aid prospective students in choosing the university.

“I believe this does wonders for our university, especially considering that ranking is one of the many important factors that play into a student making their college decision,” said Cooper. “To see FAMU at the top of those lists gives great hope that our institution is at least in many students’ top 5-10 picks.”

In a statement released by FAMU, the university also recently recorded the highest GPA ever (3.58) for entering freshman in an attempt to aid the university’s four-year graduation rate, by attracting more high-achieving students.

These rankings not only provide a great impression for prospective students and their families, but it also benefits alumni of the university as well.

“As an alumna who now works full time in the education field, it is a privilege and true honor to say that I went to such an esteemed university,” said Cooper. “I can use those rankings as one of the top HBCU’s to help promote and recruit the students that I work with to attend FAMU.”

Choosing FAMU will remain a decision for prospective students and their families, however such rankings are an indication of what is in store for a student who chooses to attend FAMU.

Recent graduate, Devin Harrison, says that coming to FAMU has prepared him for the future and that he believes the university will do the same for others.

“If you want to save money, cultivate life-long friendships, and gain a quality education, attend FAMU. The diversity in people, [inclusiveness], community, and strong Alumni network is incomparable,” said Harrison.