Students frustrated by issues at FAMU Village


A washing machine on the fifth floor, west side of FAMU Village. Photo Submitted by Maya Ellison

With the school year just beginning, students are already experiencing issues with on-campus housing.

FAMU Village, the newest residence hall for FAMU students, has been victim to a recurring issue of inoperative washers and dryers.  In the first few weeks of school, students have complained about both washers and dryers on both the east and west side of the dorm.

FAMU Village is only five years old. According to Aaliyah Wilkerson, the marketing and communication coordinator for the Office of University Housing at FAMU, there are representatives who come from the washer and dryer company to replace and inspect the equipment.  While this is true, students wonder why it takes so long for repairs to take place.

Kya Cudjo, a freshman journalism major, said her concerns related to the use of the washers and dryers located on the west side of FAMU Village.  She said finding a working and available washer and dryer on each floor could be an ordeal. Some of the machines failed to take her money, she said.

“I had to go to multiple floors since the majority of the washers were unplugged or out of service,” Cudjo said.  “When I finally found a washer, put my entire load in with the laundry detergent and paid for it, it wouldn’t start.”

These issues and more are some of the things each student goes through when it is time to wash their clothes.

FAMU Village has also come across issues with “Laundry View,” an online service that provides students with virtual access to washers and dryers.  According to the business and auxiliary page on FAMU’s website,“Laundry View” allows students to “monitor the status of the washer and dryer machines in laundry rooms from any computer, locate available machines, and receive text messages when a job is complete.”

Students have said that this activity does not match up with what actually occurs.

Niya Duncan, a freshman journalism major, said that Laundry View has given her problems during the use of the washers and dryers.  “It is not reliable when it comes to the time and availability,” Duncan said.

Many of the students, whether on the east or west side of FAMU Village, have complained about the inaccuracy of the system as well as the insufficient use of the washers and dryers.  “A lot of the students don’t get their belongings when the washers and dryers are finished which causes us to not have any washer and dryers available,” said Gabrielle Jennings.

Housing has suggested that students contact Housing Maintenance.  As residents, it is best to make your request very specific. By emailing , they are able to filter out any maintenance issues inside the facility.

It is also best that students follow up with their residential adviser.