Strike Right prepares students for Career Fair

A group of students working on their elevator pitch for the Career and Internship Expo. Photo courtesy Marie Smallwood.

Florida A&M University’s Career and Professional Development Center on Wednesday hosted the the second ever revamped Strike Right Career Expo Prep Day.

The event focused on  five topics: professional attire, interviewing, LinkedIn, employer research and resume reviewing.

Marie Smallwood, the assistant director for the Career and Professional Development Center, revamped the Strike Right Fair. Smallwood decided to make the fair more like  a “one stop shop” rather than a workshop leading up to next Wednesday’s Career Expo.

The event consisted of roundtable discussions with 20-minute sessions on each topic. Then the students rotated between the tables, exploring one of the five topics. Smallwood said she “utilized the different professionals at FAMU career liaisons, internship coordinators, and professors.”

“Don’t dress for the job you’re interviewing for, but the position higher,” said Jacquline Byrd.

At the first few roundtables professional attire was the topic, primarily focusing on the importance of colors and patterns that you wear.

What colors are allowed and considered business professional: navy blue, black, grey and khaki. Byrd also elaborated on business casual, and casual attire in the workplace. She explained the circumstances where this attire is accepted and or preferred.

Interviewing skills was the next sector. Terrisa Brown began with giving examples on various interview questions. For starters,  traditional questions,and behavioral questions; what they consist of and how they should be answered.

A special tip given to the students  by Brown was, “even the best can get better.” Companies are looking for promising employees and interns. Individuals who are well rounded, hard working, and still have room to improve.

Jonae Harris a sophomore nursing major, said, “The Strike Right Fair gave me a better understanding of how I should carry myself in an interview and what my resume should entail.”

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed entirely for the business community. It has an app that not many students knew existed but had the opportunity to be introduced to it at the fair.

You can upload your resume highlighting current and previous work experience. LinkedIn helps you stay in contact with various employers and classmates building your network.

Employer research is a way to identify companies that may be hiring in your field that align with your expectations and values.

Almost 150 students took part in Wednesday’s Strike Right Career Expo, preparing them for the Career and Internship Expo on Sep 12.