Review: Jeri’s serves love on a plate

Pictured above is “The Kev” served with a delicious side of Black eyed peas. Photo by Allen McMillan

Jeri’s Midtown Cafe is all about the love. You can tell as soon as you walk into the building; you’ll feel the cozy vibe of the establishment that begins with a patio garden.

From my brief visit I can tell it only employs the warmest wait staff this side of the equator and the owner, Jeri, knows you will come to love them just the way she does.

I was immediately welcomed with the most generous greeting from the first associate who crossed my path as I waited to be seated.

You can smell the freshly baked bread and hot fresh breakfast goods, which oddly enough is a great combination, as soon as you walk through the doors.

While waiting in Jerri’s, you experience a fun atmosphere. They give you the option to sit inside and enjoy your meal or you can take your food on their beautiful patio area and enjoy the outdoor picnic table seats.

Their menu is loaded with colorfully named handcrafted breakfast sandwiches and entrees with a wide variety of meats and cheeses. They include: The Tab, a breakfast melt; The Italian Job, a loaded up sandwich which includes ham, salami and roast beef; The Kev, The Dude, and finally The Abigail, which is a more popular choice for the vegan customers.

Not only does Jeri’s craft specialty pressed breakfast sandwiches but it also serves classic All-American entrees such as French toast, which costs about $13. The eatery uses thick-cut challah bread, egg custard, maple syrup, seasonal fruit, and fresh whipped cream and powdered sugar for its French toast. And you can even add Smithfield bacon or smoked sausage for a few bucks more.

The customer favorite, The Weekend Frittata Sampler, is priced at $18. It’s the frittata of the weekend paired with fresh fruit cup, smoked sausage, blueberry biscuits, smoked Gouda grits and apple butter. If that’s not it, and you want a lighter version, it can be paired with a bowl of fruit or fresh side salad, choice of dressing and Tribeca baguette.

I had the pleasure of enjoying The Kev, a roasted artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, herbed pesto, and your choice of Muenster, Gruyere, or dill Havarti on a Tribeca demi baguette. Definitely a good choice; everything was cooked to perfection and I was very satisfied.

This is a place to go if you want some delicious brunch items. At Jeri’s they serve love on a plate.