Review: Documentary brings Travis Scott to life

“Look Mom I Can Fly” aired August 28. Photo courtesy Netflix

Travis Scott fans all across the world were thrilled when Netflix released the documentary “Look Mom I Can Fly” on Aug. 28.

The 85-minute film shares the more personal sides of the Houston native’s upbringing and how “Astroworld” came to life. Being one of the more recluse rappers in the game, Scott gives viewers a look into the road to his Grammy nomination to the birth of his first child Stormi with longtime girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

Scott takes fans on a psychedelic, literal rollercoaster, as the very first scene consists of Scott being interviewed as they are on a moving rollercoaster.

Lost footage from his childhood plays an important role in the documentary as it gives viewers a better understanding of the meaning of “Astroworld.” From an early age Travis, or “Jack” as they called him, was always interested in music and it is clear in these videos.

His latest album is actually named after a famous amusement park that closed in 2005, Six Flags: Astroworld

“At some points in life you just have to be extreme,” Scott explained when it comes to his music and his lifestyle. In the many interviews he gives throughout the documentary Scott makes it clear he aims to inspire and “leave a legacy to pave a way for newer artists.”

Scott’s concerts are also featured. They can be considered dangerous because of the amount of stage rushes and mosh pits that take place during his shows. Because of this the superstar following a show in northwest Arkansas was arrested immediately as soon as he walked off stage due to a security guard being injured.

Despite the hectic nature of his shows, Scott refuses to be deterred. He is constantly going against the wishes of security at his shows, even inviting fans on stage, and letting fans who have been removed from shows back in. He has been known to crowd surf in a pool of thousands of fans.

Many of the moments have already been captured by news outlets, but it seems the streaming service wanted to show them from the perspective of Scott and his fans, rather than what has been aired with headlines.

Scott does almost everything for his fans. He wants them to experience Astroworld in a unique way and he goes to great lengths to make this happen.