We need more shows like ‘Dear White People’

“Dear White People” is a controversial Netflix original series. Photo courtesy Netflix

“Dear White People” is a Netflix original series focusing on the perspectives of Black students at a predominantly white Ivy League school. It grapples with issues such as race, gender, and sexuality in the Black community.

“Dear White People” attempts to provide an inside-look into Black lives. The show is based on a social satire movie of the same name that follows the stories of Black students at an Ivy League College. According to the website, Netflix is on the Hook for $20 billion. Can it Keep Spending It’s Way to Success,  the streaming service is $20 billion in debt. There has also been previous cancellation of Black shows like “The Get Down” and “She’s Gotta Have It.” Black people rarely see themselves showcased.

This show has ignited considerable controversy on sensitive topics that are relative in the Black community.

“The show embodies how we (Black people) navigate white space,” said Florida A&M English professor Kenneth Johnson. “White people reject looking at the totality of Black people’s issues.”

Johnson transferred to FAMU as an undergraduate student. He attended The University of Florida prior to switching schools. UF is a predominantly white institution while FAMU is a historically black university. The alumnus deeply relates to these fictional characters. He understands the efforts of finding oneself while being outnumbered by the majority. He appreciates the series showing the many different layers of Black people.

Johnson enjoyed season three and is excited for the next episodes to stream. He loved the season’s discussions on different ranges of issues like HIV, sexual preference, sexual violence and Black secret societies.

On the other hand, many viewers tweeted negative reviews about the most recent season of “Dear White People.” Some fans said that season three’s plot was hard to follow.

“…It’s like the writer’s of #DearWhitePeople S3 just dug through Black Twitter’s shittiest conversations and developed a persona with each character they have…”@nappy_techie tweeted.

Jhayla Stready, a junior criminal justice major at FAMU from Atlanta, says it is important to have shows that mirror real-life issues of African Americans.

Hoteps are another relatable topic in the show. This issue is extremely significant in the Black community. The title is given to a Black man who is drenched in the idea of Black progressiveness, at the same time as practicing white supremacy views.

“ You (hoteps) want Black people to be this straight line of people,” said Stready. “That’s not accepting Black people, that’s actually the complete opposite.”

She also acknowledges the need for more shows about Black people from all walks of life. However, Stready believes there is a lack of rawness in these shows. She says she would like to see more of real Black struggles, real Black conversation, and real Black excellence.

“These shows are becoming a false reality of how white people think we live,” she said.

Black series likeDear White People” are often discontinued after the first few seasons. According to, What to Expect From Dear White People Season 4, if Netflix does decide to renew the show, it would be expected to air fall or winter of 2020.