Upperclassmen partner with freshmen in Peer Mentor program

The F.Y.E. Peer Mentor program helps transition new students by pairing them with upperclassmen. Photo courtesy Instagram

As the semester begins the F.Y.E Peer Mentor program at the Undergraduate Student Success Center is ready to guide FAMU’s class of 2023 into greatness.

Peer mentors model appropriate behavior inside and outside the classroom as college is not just about the academics but how a student handles their social life.

The program aims to assist new students in their transition to Florida A&M University by pairing them with upper-class students who will be work as role models for them.

The president of the program, DeAundre Newsome, had a lot of positive things to say about the upcoming school year and the different things they are trying to do with the program and what they look for in a mentor during the selection process.

“A lot of things have changed; this year is actually the first year peer mentors are actually getting paid instead of volunteering.”

Newsome emphasized that when selecting mentors the main characteristic they look for is an individual who can listen and engage with the student. On top of that, the program wants mentors who are timely and on top of things as it is imperative they stay organized for the sake of the mentee.

He said there are plans to hold a Mr. and Miss First Year Experience pageant, which has never been done before.

Imani Thomas, a peer mentor this year for the new class, said that her experience working with this program is something she thoroughly enjoys.

“Since my freshman year I have been an active member at the university, committing countless hours and moments to this program all while servicing the Tallahassee community.

Not only have I been able to help new students as a mentor but I feel as if I have been able to learn more about how to deal with and work with different personalities.”

Jayda Miller is a freshman in the program.  “My mentor has been there for me through this whole process. Also her friends have been very helpful too,” she said.

Miller continued, “I think we are off to a good start, she has given me pointers for what to get involved in and how. So hopefully as the year goes on that continues.”

Not only does the program offer mentors for the new students, it facilitates events on campus such as spirit weeks, showcases and award shows.

The Summer B Showcase is put on by the program every summer for the students and gives the freshman class an opportunity to explore their interests and showcase their talents.