Rattlers showcase their sense of fashion at first Set Friday

Aone’sti Brooks, a sophomore from Jacksonville.
Photo by Shadell Bromell

Florida A&M students kicked off the semester this past week with the school’s first traditional “Set Friday.”

Set Friday is an end of the week, day-party hosted by the Student Government Association. Scholars take a three-hour break from their studies while enjoying trendy music and delicious ice cream.

The Set also caters to vendors, organizations, clubs and is often a showcase for fashion. Fashion is a cultural expression on FAMU’s campus. Students use various styles to express themselves.

“Black people are silenced a lot,” said Zariyah Heath, a sophomore cardio-pulmonary student from West Palm Beach. “We use fashion as a way to say things without saying it.”

Heath hit The Set in a blue Puma matching outfit. She accessorized the urban set with a blue translucent fanny pack and matching colored nails. Her outfit was the perfect chill look for this plus-90 degree Friday.

The South Florida native believes that fashion shows how you feel about yourself. She says it’s a way to make a statement without speaking.

The individuality this Set Friday was unmatched. La’Ruben Dixon a designer, model and Florida State student from Miami, believes that fashion is an art. He also feels that fashion is needed in the Black community for individuality.

“Other cultures always copy us,” Dixon said, “for us to be unique we have to show diverse styles.”

The designer stepped out in a plaid street-chic look. He incorporated a utility vest on top of his white t-shirt. There were also hints of the pattern scattered throughout the fit.

Dixon created lace detail of the pattern in his jeans. Another unique part of his look is the plaid hand glove. Finally, he wore a red beret to top it off.

This look was bold and creative. It could be worn at a fashion festival or even a fashion show.

Dixon feels his fashion is what makes him.

Furthermore, impressions are everything. The way a person views themselves is represented on their outer appearance. First impressions are lasting.

“The first thing you’re judged on, is your appearance,” said Aone’sti Brooks, a sophomore from Jacksonville. “When we (Black people) step into a room, we represent our whole race.”

Brooks rocked a casual street-style look. This look included a black cropped “Not Interested” tee, vintage Chanel patterned trousers, sneakers, and black cat-eye shades. The look was very simple and sweet. Nevertheless, her fuchsia hair was the cherry-on-top, making this simple fit into a rocking look. This outfit would be perfect for running errands, attending class or even partying.

Brooks recommends looking at different styles on Instagram to help with individuality.