Review: ‘Money Heist” third season captivates

“Money Heist” season 3 aired on Netflix July 19. Photo courtesy Netflix

Season 3 of the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel,” also known as “Money Heist,” premiered July 19. The Spanish television series had over 35 million viewers for the third season. Half of which binge-watched all three seasons within a week of the third season premiere, according to published reports. The series has broken several Netflix records, outshining the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

The Netflix crime thriller explores the lives of eight thieves who came together to commit a robbery.

In season one we are introduced to the mastermind behind the entire robbery,  the professor, played by Álvaro Morte. The professor handpicked eight criminals, ex-cons, misfits and social write-offs: Tokyo, Rio, Moscow, Denver, Oslo Nairobi, and Helsinki.  The professor has carefully planned out what he believes to be the perfect robbery — or at least that was his intention. However,  although a plan can be designed perfectly; people will not always act as you expect them to. Season 1 and 2 both experience unexpected love, betrayal and triumph. Season 1 ended with the suicide of Berlin and the murder of Moscow and Oslo.

The final episode of the second season ended with everyone happily going their separate ways with their cut of the money. The way the second season ended it seemed unnecessary and shocking that there was a third season. Even though it was unexpected, viewers were still tuned in for the third season.

During the most recent season, viewers can better understand why the characters have certain attributes and see their personal growth after the first robbery. The show has an undeniably strong and interesting plot with great actors to execute their roles. This show can appeal to so many different crowds and it would disappoint several fans if there was not a fourth season to continue the series. The third season was equally as stimulating as the previous two with the unexpected death of one character and the capturing of ex-detective Raquel Murillo on the final episode. Fans everywhere are anticipating what will happen next.

The show is so emotionally stimulating that a fourth season is needed. Several people didn’t think the third season was necessary due to the way the second season ended. Fans were still pleased with the newest season.

Some people even felt the two seasons could have been condensed into a movie. However, I do not believe viewers would have been as strongly connected to the characters if it was a two-hour movie. Viewers were allowed to grow to love the characters. When members of the team were hurt or killed the audience was able to relate to the characters and feel their emotions.

Overall, it is a must-see show that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats