FAMU supports Bahamian students

President Robinson meets with Bahamian students to provide support and services after Hurricane Dorian
Photo Submitted by Tracey Belizaire

Faculty and staff at Florida A&M came together Wednesday evening to help students and their families who’ve been affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas for 48 hours, leaving the islands in horrific conditions. With homes destroyed and people still missing, FAMU administrators utilized their tools and resources to assist students of Bahamian descent.

Vice President of Student Affairs, William Hudson, Jr., shared the university’s history of supporting students during unforeseen circumstances and informed students gathered in Lee Hall that they will be well taken care of.

“The university has a long history of providing support for students and their families affected by the tragedies,” Hudson said.

FAMU plans on creating avenues to collect funds, perishable goods, tools, and other necessities to provide aid for residents in the Bahamas.

FAMU President Larry Robinson talked about  the difficulties Bahamians are currently facing and assured fellow Rattlers that their financial standings are covered by the university.

“We don’t want you to have to worry about your financial standings because we understand what’s going on in the Bahamas have impacted a lot of you,” Robinson said as he looked into the crowd of students.

Senior Robert Erbinbrown said he was relieved and grateful for FAMU’s contribution to his education after the troubles he faced within the last few days.

“It’s a major relief, I’m ecstatic about it. It takes most of the stress off of my shoulders,” Erbinbrown said. “Knowing that I can finish my education and I was awarded the opportunity by FAMU to complete, I can go back and now contribute to my country and university as well.”

FAMU offers many other services such as counseling that are available at students’ disposal as they get through this difficult time.

Faculty have been working diligently to collaborate with various organizations on campus to ensure everything donated and assembled goes to the correct authorities, according to student body president Rochard Moricette.

Despite the adversity, FAMU staff and administers said they stand behind their Bahamian students with intentions of aiding anyway possible.

“We want your college experience to be the least of your worries at FAMU,” Hudson said. “If there is anything we can do on campus, please don’t hesitate to let us know.”

If you would like to assist financially you can donate to the famudonation link on FAMU’s website, FAMUCARES Account 2197. Also, be on the lookout for upcoming events solely on contributing to the cause.