A year off rejuvenated this FAMU alumna

Brittany Mobley preforming at the Femme Fatale music festival.
Photo courtesy Delmontae Roberts

Brittney Mobley is a young woman who is leading an exciting life. From music to shoes, the 25-year-old does it all.

Mobley always had an ear for music. She was a member of the youth choir for the majority of her childhood, which sparked her interest in music.

Born and raised in Miami, Mobley arrived on the campus of Florida A&M University in 2009 after graduating Miramar High School Magna Cum Laude. She had intentions on obtaining a degree in music education, but her plans changed soon after her first semester.

“The music program was awesome, I just felt it wasn’t for me “ Mobley said. “There was so much to do before actually getting to the music so that’s why I decided to switch my major.”

Deciding to tap into her promoting and advertising skills Mobley joined Florida A&M’s School of Journalism & Graphic Communication. “I’ve always been good at selling things. I mean I used to sell chips out of my bag back in middle school,” she said, “so I thought why not go into public relations? That sounds right up my alley.”

Mobley was doing well in school up until her junior year. “I just started to feel like something was missing from my life,” she said.

Mobley had cast her dreams of pursuing a music career aside to mainly focus on school. This caused her to go into a bit of a rut during the first semester of her junior year.

“I was just so out of focus my grades were slipping, I was just out of it,” Mobley said. “So one day I was speaking with my mother and she gave my some good advice: she said why don’t you take a break.”

Mobley took a break from school to get her mind together and reconnect with her music. Mobley was missed by several of her peers.

“Brittney is such a vibrant spirit I really missed her when she left us. It was like the longest year ever,” Natasha Brown, a classmate and friend of Mobley’s, said. “But I understand why she had to do it.”

While on her breather from school she wrote and produced her first studio album, “Rainy Nights and Nightlife.”

“That year away from school is just what the doctor ordered,” Mobley said.

“If you ask me she came back better than ever,” Roderick Davis, a close friend of Mobley’s, said.  “Her music is on point, her fashion ideas are legendary. I can tell she’s rejuvenated.”

Mobley returned to FAMU in 2015 and graduated cum laude in fall of 2016. She still performs from time to time around Tallahassee and recently released her second album, “Cruise Control.” She has also organized several local shoe exhibits where you can buy, sell and trade sneakers.