Thai Floyd’s jewelry business takes off

Thai Floyd’s jewelry business went live Sept. 4. Photo courtesy Thai Floyd

When she’s not running up and down the sidelines, she’s running her own jewelry collection.

Thai Floyd, 22, is the CEO of The Nina Collection Jewels. Floyd, a senior journalism major, is an aspiring sports reporter who developed a passion for jewelry during her senior year of college.

“If I don’t walk out the door with a necklace on, I feel naked,” Floyd said.

Floyd always had a keen interest in jewelry. Floyd is of Asian descent, and her favorite pieces of jewelry to wear are dragon necklaces. Dragon pieces mean a lot to Floyd. In East Asian culture dragons are a symbol of power, strength, and good luck.

Floyd said starting a jewelry collection was not easy. While being heavily involved in sports broadcasting, Floyd didn’t know if her jewelry collection would reach the right audience. However, Floyd knew that starting her own business would help her gain experience about business, as she became a self-taught entrepreneur.

“I was told to find three different hobbies, one that makes you money, one that keeps you in shape and one that helps you be creative,” Floyd said.

Floyd’s determination to find all three hobbies is what helped her create The Nina Collection. The Nina Collection allows Floyd to express her creative side while also diversifying her income as a millennial.

Creating The Nina Collection will not only benefit Floyd, it will also help other young women find a passion for jewelry. Floyd’s main goal is to have her jewelry collection inspire young women to express their personality by wearing their favorite jewelry pieces from the collection.

Although launching her first business is exciting for Floyd, there are others rooting for her success with this jewelry collection.

“I’m so excited for the Nina Collection to finally be released. I think it’s always a great investment to have affordable and elegant jewelry in the college scene. There’s always a market for it and I can’t wait to see all the success that comes from this line,” Aiyana Ishmael, a senior journalism major, said.

The Nina Collection is dedicated to Floyd’s mother, Bonita Floyd. The collection will launch on Floyd’s mother birthday, Sept. 4.

“It makes me feel very special that my daughter dedicated her jewelry collection to me. She took the time to think of something to honor me. She is a very loving and generous person,” Floyd’s mother said.

The Nina Collection is sold online at