Marching 100 member publishes book

Omari Harris plays the sousaphone in the Marching 100.
Photo by Adriana Alexander

Student, entrepreneur, and Marching 100 member Omari Harris has added author to his long list of accomplishments.

Harris is a junior business administration major from Pensacola who has always known that he possessed many talents. He knew that he would utilize them when he finally made it to Florida A&M University.

“I have had dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, so I am always thinking about what I can do to help build myself up as my own businessman,” said Harris.

In April, Harris published his first book, “College Freshman Survival 101.” In his book, he gives insightful tips and answers the typical first-year college year student questions.

Maya Riley is a freshman who recently read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

“If I had to recommend a read for any high school or college student, this would be it. He provides great tips for applying to college and receiving scholarship, which is very beneficial. Even though I’m a first year college student, I can honestly say that reading this book helped me,” Riley said.

Initially, Harris believed that he couldn’t be a successful author because he didn’t have a doctorate degree and didn’t even have an undergraduate degree. He finally realized that writing about experience can have a better impact than writing about knowledge. He believes that everyone has a story that only they can tell.

Former Marching 100 member Michael Young believes that this is a great book for students as well as the students’ parents.

“As I read this book, it put me in mind of my process of selecting the ‘College of Love and Charity,’ Florida A&M University. This book opens your thinking about the process of selecting an institution of higher learning, and the intricate details of an up and coming freshman, and how to successfully complete each task,” Young said.

This summer, Harris was featured in the April/May issue of Out Front magazine as a young entrepreneur on the rise.

Harris said it was tough writing the book while still in college earning his degree. While most students were spending time with their families during the winter break, he was writing his book and putting it all together. He had to squeeze in time and stay up late to make the revisions needed for the book. explains that students who become published authors in college is not unheard of. Veronica Ruth wrote the successful novel “Divergent” while in college, then sold the movie rights before she even graduated. Zadie Smith wrote “White Teeth” during her college career and the book became a staple novel for college students.

Harris is working toward releasing his second book as well as venturing his entrepreneurial skills and breaking into the clothing business.

He said FAMU has made a large impact on the businessman Harris is today.

“FAMU changed my way of thinking and gave me a fresh mindset. Being a business administration student was the correct major for me as an entrepreneur at this institution,” Harris said.

Harris’ book, “College Freshman Survival 101,” is available on and at the FAMU bookstore.