Dave Chappelle stirs the pot – again

Dave Cheppelle's "Sticks & Stones" Netflix special stirs up controversy. 
Photo courtesy Netflix

Dave Chappelle’s fifth Netflix comedy special, “Sticks & Stones,” premiered on Aug. 26.  The stand-up special has provoked quite a bit of conversation, mostly negative.  A lot of people are unhappy and disapprove of Chappelle’s jokes.  The comedian’s hour-long special had jokes about sexual accusations regarding Michael Jackson and R.Kelly, the LBGT community, homophobia, school shootings, and more controversial topics.

Chappelle is one person who truly does not care about the public’s opinion. Dating back to “The Chappelle Show,” he is known for his offensive jokes about “sensitive” matters, and for some odd reason, viewers are still appalled by his jokes.  Critics call this latest standup “lazy comedy.” 

Opening up making cracks on suicide then transitioning into jokes about the alleged sexual misconduct of the late Michael Jackson, not even five minutes into the special, Chappelle made the crowd uncomfortable while also laughing hysterically.  Chappelle went on to say he believes Jackson is an innocent man, and that even if he was not, a child should be honored to have Jackson sexually abuse him.

Wade Robson, accuser of Michael Jackson, had something to say about the uneasy jokes:“To shame victims and trivialize and condone child sexual abuse in general, especially if the abuser is a celebrity or someone in a place of power, is disgusting, irresponsible and inexcusable on the part of Dave Chappelle.”

Netflix is also taking some heat for this standup special.  Critics and viewers blame Netflix for providing Chappelle with the platform to put out such uneasy content.

“Dave Chappelle is gross and made me feel uncomfortable,” said Zharia Thornton, a senior year business administration student at FAMU.  “I cut off the special 10 minutes in.”

Dustyn Floyd, a senior occupational therapy major at FAMU, thought differently. “I think Dave Chappelle is funny, his jokes were insane but entertaining to me,” Floyd said.  “I can see how people might find what he says offensive but at the end of the day it’s just comedy.”

Despite most reviews, Floyd was not the only person who felt this way.  Quite a few people described it as  “just comedy.”  Chappelle is getting a lot of support from the Twitter community; fans and critics who understand his humor are weighing in with their support for “Sticks & Stones.”

Chappelle made sure to tell the viewers at home, “If you're at home watching this on Netflix, remember, you clicked on my face!”  Reminding viewers that they should already know what is in store.

After this statement Chappelle went on to make jokes about the LGBT community, Kevin Hart being homophobic, active shooter drills, the misconduct of Louis C.K, abortion, and other sensitive subjects.