With off-campus housing, it’s buyer beware

You do not want to come home to find this in your apartment.
Photo Submitted by Detroyia Hardy

Today, college students have many different housing options, both on campus and off. Off-campus student housing is designed specifically to meet the needs of college students. Student housing is a great housing option for students and their parents. Living off campus offers features such as leases tied to the academic calendar, and furnished units that reduce the hassle associated with moving.  

However, my experience with student housing has not been beneficial.

Imagine having a long day. Attending four classes followed by working a five-hour shift. Not to mention, you have several homework assignments all due at 11:59  p.m.

Now imagine having all of these things on your plate. Walking into your cozy home is all you’ve dreamt about throughout the day.

On April 9, I walked into my apartment after a very long day of classes,work and a lot on my plate. After turning the lock, my sweet smelling apartment fumed of mildew and mold. I knew I had not left my fans on but loud sounds of blowing winds ran through my ears in efforts to dry my wet floors.

I knew exactly what had taken place. I was experiencing a plumbing issue for the third time. With each experience no phone call had been made or email had been sent to inform me of what had taken place. I have experienced several plumbing issues during my lease. All of which have never been fully fixed.

Because it was late in the afternoon, I had no means of contacting anyone with authority. I was furious throughout the night. With no access to my shower or kitchen, I went to a friend’s house to use their facilities.

The next morning, I went straight to the leasing office, explaining to them what had taken place. My leasing managers had no idea of what I was talking about and did not move quickly to address the situation.

I took it upon myself to contact the regional manager of my apartment complex. She was very understanding and was able to help diffuse the situation. I wanted to have my lease terminated but was told I could not because the plumbing issue was from the unit above me.

We soon came to a resolution that they would pay me half of my month’s rent, have a carpet cleaned and walls repainted. However, as I explained to my leasing manager that cleaning and painting will not fix the plumbing issue at hand.

And so it goes.