A master of ‘owtstanding’ T-shirts


 Two of their T-shirts for Omegas in grey and one black AKA shirt designed by DPThreads
Photos Submitted by Tevin Clemmons

Tevin Clemmons is one-third of a T-shirt trifecta.

A native of the “original 850” — Pensacola — Clemmons furthered his education at Winston-
Sale•m State University on a full athletic scholarship for football, where he earned a degree in
exercise science.

After graduation, he decided that it was time to move closer to home and enrolled in FAMU to
pursue a master’s in public health. Upon completion, Clemmons aspires to be a long-term care
administrator and work with the elderly at an independent living community.

Aside from his academic success, he attributes who he has become to Omega Psi Phi fraternity,
In which he is a spring 2017 initiate into the Mu Epsilon chapter.

“Everywhere I go I’m going to meet a brother. Majority of older brothers, more often than not,
have a connection to get me where I want to go.”


In true side hustle fashion, he dabbles in T-shirt design.

It’s a concept that began with his two fraternity brothers, Donald Reid and Paris Harris, in their
North Carolina basement. It has grown into a booming business with a never-ending stream of
potential customers.

Together, they saw a demand for something different, for a clientele that was not being catered
to. Something that showcases an affiliation, but not too much to overpower an outfit.
“When we started, we wanted to fill a void. We want to bring a vintage and vibrant feel to
Greek paraphernalia. It tends to be too official for ‘unofficial’ events, we wanted something
strictly for fashion,” he said.

Everybody wants something that makes a statement, but that is also exclusive. The creators of
the DPThreads brand make that possible. What sets them apart and what they pride
themselves on is the “look” and the guarantee that the reviews speak for themselves.
What started as a desire to just make Greek paraphernalia has blossomed into the hopes of
adding HBCU gear and street wear to their marketing mix.

Evidently, not even geographic location will stop these creators from grinding. The mindset to
make it work cannot change.

“We speak to each other at least five times a week. We use our time to communicate and
bounce ideas off of each other,” said Donald Reid, co-creator and aspiring FAMU law student.
Paris Harris, co-creator and designer, continues by saying, “Phones are the main way people
communicate now anyway. Trust helps us owt a lot.”

“Seeing other successful people and young designers on campus that started off as vendors on
campus and eventually made their way up to retail stores is an inspiration,” said Clemmons.
“When I see success, it is when I really work hard for something an it comes to light.”

Find these “owt”standing Men of Omega’s business page on Instagram: DPThreads