Dessert Fest brings the sweetness


Members of Camp Adventure Youth Services presenting a showcase of songs and games
Photo submitted byTanzania Ralph

Cup cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and lemon bars were just a few of the desserts provided to those who attended Saturday’s Dessert Fest at FAMU. It brought the sweetness to the event, and made for a delectable treat while enjoying the show.

Every year Camp Adventure Child and Youth Services prepares for a sweet and delightful show to imitate a day of fun on a military base with the kids once the students are stationed at a base.

The theme of this year’s dessert fest was “Toy Story.” The water bottles  that were given out had Dessert Fest printed on them in bright colors, in the same font used for the movie “Toy Story.”

Paintings of infamous “Toy Story” characters like Buzz Lightyear, and Rex hung on the stage creating a playful background, giving the show a joyous atmosphere for the audience. These paintings were created by the students themselves while they prepared for Saturday’s activities and procedures for the program.

The students performed blitz, songs and games, that were “Toy Story” themed as they would do with the children on their military base. Each week while on base, they will do this with the kids, changing the theme weekly to give the kids a variety of fun.

Jazmine Wright heard about the showcase from a few of her classmates and decided to come watch the show. She said she was deeply impressed with the presentation and the organization as a whole.

“I see the hard work that was put in to make this showcase happen, and those kids who will have those students guiding and mentoring them this summer are very lucky to have people that genuinely care about them,” said Wright.

Students like Zaria Jones Dudley come across Camp Adventure Child and Youth Services at an organization fair and are given the opportunity to give back to families on bases around the world.

“I wanted to experience the best summer of my life,” said Dudley.

According to Dudley, Camp Adventure and Youth Services provides security and stability to the kids on the base. This presentation was just a way of showcasing how they comfort children who have to move from base to base throughout their adolescent years.

Bethany Miller, who is over the Camp Adventure and Youth Service program at FAMU, believes that their program creates relationships and moments that are magical. She said their definition of magic is when “reality exceeds expectations.”

We create magical moments that last a lifetime,” said Miller.