A killing, a comment and an ongoing feud

Kodak Black is a Florida rapper drawing a lot of heat for a comment he made on social media following the killing of Nipsey Hussle.
Photo Courtesy of HipHopDX.

Broward county native Kodak Black has been receiving heavy criticism for the comments he made about Lauren London on his Instagram live.

Black said that he would “shoot his shot” at her. This sparked angry fans of London and fellow celebrities including The Game and T.I.

About three weeks ago, beloved L.A rapper Nipsey Hussle was a victim of gun violence. He was dating London, and with the actress they had a blended family of five. “I was in complete shock when I seen on social media that he passed. My heart hurts for Lauren London and her family, I was taken back by the massive impact Nipsey had on not just the community but the world,” Nathaniel Domond, a physical therapy major at FAMU, said.

Fans of Hussle and London took to Twitter to express their concerns about Kodak Black and his comments with a lot of anger. They made comments on ‘cancelling’ him and said they would stop listening to his music. Various radio stations have vowed to not play his music anymore and T.I has removed his pictures from the Trap Music Museum.

Despite the wave of backlash, many Kodak Black fans have stood by his side, claiming that his comments were not a big deal and that others were over-reacting. Kodak Black himself has sent out an apology on his Instagram account, stating that he was not trying to be disrespectful with the comments.

“I honestly don’t see why people are getting so upset at Kodak. He says out-the-box comments all the time,I feel like people are just doing this for attention,” Ciara Brown, a Kodak fan, said.

Rapper T.I. has even produced new music containing a diss towards Kodak Black and his comment. The Florida- and Georgia-based rappers have been going back and forth arguing over the comments.

Kodak Black on Monday released a response to T.I’s diss track, with his own track called “Expeditiously.” He called out T.I, The Game, and T.I’s lady love, Tiny. Black, and noted that the Atlanta rapper does not know Hussle personally and called Tiny vulgar names.

“I’m disappointed in both rappers. The death of Nipsey was supposed to bring us together. Not tear us a part, it’s sad to watch,” Domond said.