New shops open with CBD focus

House of Hemp is one of the news businesses that have opened in Tallahassee.
Photo Submitted by Darrien Alexander Fordham.

Since Florida lawmakers approved medical marijuana legislation last month, a number of dispensaries and smoke shops have opened in Tallahassee to take advantage of the high demand.

Marijuana is known for its Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that, according to doctors, increases dopamine levels in the brain causing those who consume it in large amounts to feel euphoria. However, marijuana has another chemical by the name of Cannabidiol (CBD), which does not have the same psychoactive results as THC. But it is more relaxing and has many health benefits. It is known to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression and increasing heart health. It is also known to prevent diabetes, according to medical experts.

New pop-up shops in Tallahassee such as Sun Grown Bakery, which was founded by Florida State University students Courtney Faiella and Alea Gregorcic, are making their presence felt. Sun Grown Bakery sells CBD infused baked goods such as cookies, brownies and cupcakes of varying flavors including, chocolate chip, fudge, red velvet, s’more, pina colada and more.

“I first learned about CBD while doing research into the benefits of THC. It was then I discovered just how awesome CBD is and how it’s been working for so many different people in so many different ways,” Faiella, a founder of Sun Grown Bakery, said.

“I wanted to form a good company that helped the animals and the planet by being vegan, and humans by tasting great. But then I thought if I put CBD into the dessert, not only would it mask the bitter taste, but it could help people with various ailments as well.  I then asked Alea to bring on her fantastic baking skills to make these desserts the best they could be. Alea has been vegan for four years and has always really cared about her impact on the environment. She was dealing with anxiety and wanted to find a natural way to help remedy it. That’s where she found CBD.”

Visit their online store at and follow their Instagram page sungrownbakery.

In addition, the Hemplade Vegan Café, located at 707 Old Bainbridge Road, is set to open in May. There, they plan to sell Hemplade tea, hemp vegan burgers, kush pizza and more, as stated in their Instagram biography on hempladevegan cafe.

The House of Hemp on Gaines Street also sells CBD products including CBD gummies, CBD oil, and CBD isopterp in addition to their THC options.

One must be at least 18 years old to purchase products. No medical marijuana license is required unless purchasing THC.