FSU’s Symphonic Band gives final performance of semester

Music filled Ruby Diamond Concert Hall on Tuesday.
Photo Submitted by FSUtrumpetstudio.

Ruby Diamond Concert Hall came to life Tuesday night during the Symphonic Band’s annual semester concert. The performances included “Wine-Dark Sea,” a three-movement symphony by John Mackey who based the composition the extraordinary tale of the Odyssey written by the ancient Greek poet Homer.

“A lot of work went into getting tonight prepared. I feel like they’re doing a great job right now,” said Saul Benitez, the house manager for the concert.

“They generally do two performances a semester and this is their final show. It was really a pleasure that we were able to perform this specific piece by John Mackey tonight. You can tell they definitely put a lot of effort into the performance.

“Well, it wasn’t easy to pull this piece off and I know they spent a lot of time rehearsing it, they’re doing really well. This musical was a pretty large ensemble, I think traditionally they have done smaller pieces in the past.”

  For their final performance the symphonic band performed a work by Ron Nelson and world famous composer Nancy Bloomer Deussen. Patrict Dunnigan, the university’s music director and conductor, masterminded the production.

Abby Vinquist, the assistant house manager said, “I personally am not a part of the performance but I have been a part of this ensemble in the past.”

She also commented, “This is a pretty iconic performance for them because this is the last time the symphonic band will be preforming under the direction of Dr. Dunnigan. Next year he will be promoted to the wind ensemble. It’s a fantastic program and I think he has always done a great job with the symphonic band here, I know he has plenty of experience. He does a great job I trust that he’ll be a wonderful educator.”

Emily Tanner, an audience member and also a freshman theater major, thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

“I’ve never been to a symphony band performance. So when I heard about it I figured, why not come? Honestly I’m not disappointed at all that I came. They show was way better than I thought, I dragged my best friend out to come with me and even she said it was like they were telling a story with the music, it was dramatic.”

Florida State University’s Symphonic Band is the second level ensemble in the College of Music. Many of the university’s music education and performance majors participate in the annual semester production.