Los Compadres is affordable, dependable

Los Compadres has been a go-to restaurant on Pensacola Street for more than two decades.
Photo submitted by Tanzania Ralph

Bright lights and colors catch the eye of anyone driving past or walking through the door. It’s the aroma of classic Mexican dishes that persuades you to stay and have a good time.

Students come to celebrate birthdays and accomplishments and families gather to catch up . It can be described as a place for reunions for those who find themselves there for margaritas every Friday night, out with their friends.

Los Compadres is a popular family owned Tex-Mex restaurant that has been a part of the Tallahassee community for more than 20 years. It is located on Pensacola Street near other restaurants.

It offers a variety of Mexican favorites that restaurant-goers can choose from at an affordable price. It gives you plenty of bang for the buck.

The drinks also bring people into Los Compadres because they are both cheap and complement the flavorful food. Los Compadres offers margaritas at a competitive price of five dollars.

The margaritas flavors range from mango and passion fruit to lime or strawberry. It can be served on the rocks or frozen. Outside of margaritas, they offer an assortment of wines and mixed drinks.

Eight bucks is all you need to fill an empty stomach at Los Compadres. The menu provides customers with plenty of choices from their many different entrees.

If one isn't sure what to order, the restaurant offers a simple solution for that. It's called the single items menu where you can create your own entree, costing you between  $8 and $10.

Some options to choose from are tostadas, chimichangas or classic tacos. Each combo comes with your choice of rice and beans, fries or a guacamole salad. If you are looking for a more exciting dish, they have a specialty menu to choose from.

This specialty menu consists of 16 different options. It introduces seafood with a Mexican flair. It is not the average surf and turf entrée of steak and shrimp.

It’s Mexican shrimp cocktail, Mexican shrimp tilapia, and more. If sea food isn't your thing they also offer pollo asado, Mexican skewers, and fajita burritos smothered in thick creamy cheese.

Los Compadres has been bringing Tallahassee Mexican flavors for over two decades and it is safe to say that this restaurant does not disappoint. From its fruity margaritas to its affordable, delectable menu, Los Compadres deserves a five-star rating.