Senior library tech assistant reminisces on 30 years at FAMU

Alumna Lillie Muse recalls her journey as a student then staff member on FAMU’S campus. Muse has worked at the university for over 30 years. 
Photo Submitted by Lindsey Britton. 

On, Feb. 9, senior library technical assistant Lillie Muse celebrated 30 years working at Florida A&M University’s Coleman Library. 

Muse has walked through FAMU’s campus since her undergraduate days as a social work major eventually graduating in 1987. Prior to being a student, Muse was born on the university’s campus inside the Florida A&M University Hospital, which is now the registrar's office known as Foote Hilyer.

Muse detailed her lifelong connection to the university has helped her cherish the memories she has made on campus.  

“I love FAMU because I was born on this campus, and when I came to school on this campus, it was like family,” Muse said. “At the beginning of those 30 years, it started like family. If you hurt, they hurt, if you were happy and did something great, they were great with you.”

Currently, Muse works at the library located inside the School of Journalism & Graphic Communications.  Each day, she greets students with a smile and reiterates the importance of staying positive. Muse explained she has a passion for helping others and seeing a smile on student’s faces. She also discusses her purpose in life and what makes her happy.

“My purpose in life is to be the best person I can be. What makes me happy is seeing the joy in other people that come in my presence,” Muse said.

Muse’s office not only displays her love of being a helping hand but also her love of the university. Orange and green paraphernalia can be spotted the moment you step foot in her room. With a small towel that says, “I believe you FAMU,” motivational quotes, and pictures of memorable moments on campus, anyone would know she is a proud alumna of FAMU.

Muse said her daily routine is what helped make her time working for the university enjoyable.

”Well I get up, I pray, and I try to get myself together so that I can meet people,” Muse said. “So people will see what's inside of me on the outside of me.”

Senior Library Technical Assistant, Carla Thomas, mentioned she and Muse respect one another and bare scars that help them understand each other. She described Muse as “jolly, helpful, and always willing to lend a hand.”

“I commend her in her willingness to go above and beyond to help the students here, regardless of race, color, creed,” Thomas said. “She goes beyond and above to assist the students. If it’s something she doesn’t know she challenges herself to seek the resources.”

Over the years, Muse has run into lifelong friends who have created strong bonds with her.

Senior library technical associate supervisor, Alvin Lee, has worked with Muse for about nine years and explained he and Muse have a profound spiritual bond. When asked to compare his initial first impressions in relation to now, Lee expressed Muse has always been the same.

“Thinking back when I first met her, she hasn’t changed,” Lee said. “She has always been open and honest (and) the same applies today. She is more to me than a sister in Christ. Having no family here, Lille is like an extended family to me.”