Nwanze gets inside look at Box

 Brian Nwanze was selected to spend one week at Box in California.
 Photo Submitted by Brian Nwanze.

College started off rocky for Brian Nwanze. But because of perseverance, determination and growth, he has turned what seemed to be losses into lessons.

After being introduced to FAMU late in his senior year of high school, the junior healthcare management major has realized noteworthy accomplishments since being on The Hill.

Nwanze recently had the opportunity to go to Redwood City, California, to work with a company called Box.

“Out of 623 applicants across the country, I was 1 of the 18 selected with all expenses paid and $200 to cover other expenses for the week,” Nwanze said.

Box is a cloud content management company that focuses on storing and sharing major files for companies. It is best known for assisting Beyonce manage and distribute the files that led to her releasing her announced self-titled album back in 2014. Also, FAMU is a client of Box. Every time students submit an assignment on Blackboard it goes through Box to the professors.

“My experience was nothing short of amazing. I never thought I’d be accepted into an environment like Silicon Valley. I was surrounded by companies like Google, YouTube, and Twitter,” Nwanze said.

Throughout his journey in college, the Atlanta native hasn’t always known what career path he would take. Nwanze came into his freshmen year as a public relations major. However, after quickly learning that he wasn’t interested in that career choice, he made the switch to the School of Allied Health.

“My main struggle is simply just trying to find what I would be good at and what my purpose is,” Nwanze said.

Nwanze has joined various organizations on campus including the Marching 100, Dreamers at FAMU and the Omega Xi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity.

“Brian’s drive and professionalism has grown tremendously. He has participated in fellowships, received internship offers, and has been a valuable asset to Alpha Kappa Psi. Each year he becomes more focused and continues to set and accomplish greater goals,” friend Teylor Parks said.

“Brian has made every stride to better himself as a person and has grown immensely since joining Alpha Kappas Psi,” colleague Dominique Parks said.

Nwanze has also made major academic improvements since his freshmen year.

“I have been on the dean’s list for three semesters straight. After not doing well the beginning of freshmen year with a 2.8 GPA, I now have a 3.2,” Nwanze said.

Over the summer Nwanze will be interning with Ecolab, a chemical company that focuses on providing clean and sustainable water products to various industries.