Let’s ‘hair’ it for Recheyla Caldwell

Recheyla Caldwell is growing her hair business.
Photo Submitted by Recheyla Caldwell.

She’s a healthcare scholar and a student-entrepreneur. Simply put, Recheyla Caldwell’s got game.

Caldwell, at the young age of 21, is already a seasoned veteran in the beauty industry and a certified girl boss of her own hair extensions company, ForeignHair4U. Based in Tampa, Caldwell saw an opportunity to expand her business to Tallahassee during her matriculation at FAMU.

Everybody knows FAMU is its own project runway, and with changing trends comes changing hairstyles. ForeignHair4U offers a variety of quality styles such as straight, wavy and curly hair offered in Peruvian, Malaysian and Brazilian virgin hair types, at an affordable price.

Being in such a saturated industry, Caldwell made it her primary goal to set her brand apart from the competition.

“I know there’s a lot of choices for women to get their hair. When you try my hair for the first time, I’m not worried about you not coming back,” Caldwell said.

“The competition in the beauty industry pushes me to make my products that much better. The quality is unmatched, and that’s what sets me apart,” she added.  

Her company page, under the same name, on Instagram boasts over 1,500 followers. It features customers’ praises, new products and product discount codes. She also plans on expanding her product line to making wigs and coloring services.

Caldwell hopes to promote her products at FAMU’s popular Set Friday market to increase visibility to her potential new clients.

Her childhood friend, U.S. Army soldier Thaddeus Hannah, said, “Cheyla is very responsible and is very hard working. Once she has her mind set on something, that’s what is, and nothing can change her mind.”

Her products are dependable in boosting women’s confidence whether they are modeling it at prom or in everyday life.

Sherron Caldwell, her mother, said, “Saying I am proud would be an understatement. I have always told her walk on faith, and she continues to execute.”

Caldwell doesn’t see an end to her beauty industry escapades. She is a firm believer in having several passions in life.

“I don’t want to have just one source of income. My aspirations should not take a back seat to my school interests. I love healthcare and hair, and I can do both,” she said.

Follow Caldwell’s business on Instagram: ForeignHair4U