Kevin Hart’s ‘Irresponsible’ debuts on Netflix

You can catch Kevin Hart's latest special on Netflix.
Photo Courtesy of Netflix.

The 39-year-old actor and comedian Kevin Hart’s “Irresponsible” stand-up special was released April 2 on Netflix.

This was the comedian’s sixth stand-up special, but his first to debut on Netflix.

“Irresponsible” was filmed in packed out London O2 Arena with a stage set in the center of the stadium.

The new special showcases Hart making jokes about his family life, failed parent incidents, as well as some recent scandals that he has been involved in. It is centered on him being reckless, hence, the title of the tour: “Irresponsible.”

In the beginning of the special he says, “The name is Irresponsible for a lot of reasons. We’ll get into all of those reasons as the show goes on.”

As usual, the special contains a lot of raunchy humor. In one of his jokes he talks about how his son caught him and his wife having sex. He then starts making jokes about how a couple can play off what they were doing to their children depending on the sex positions.  

As the show goes on, you’ll notice how Hart jokes about his own insecurities. He talks about his struggles with being a short man and how he felt inadequate when he saw his wife’s porn search history. In the joke, he talks about how everything his wife searched had the words “big” in front of it.

“I was bothered by it because everything was so different from who I am and what I am. Everything was big, everybody was tall; I was mad,” Hart said.

Hart also touched on his recent adultery scandal. He made a joke about how after a man is caught cheating, he has to do everything in his power to regain his woman’s trust. A lot of the topics in his material are about serious matters, but Hart shifts it back and forth to maintain that enthusiastic energy with his audience.

Some may complain that Hart gave away too much personal information in this stand-up, while others commend Hart for being vulnerable and raw throughout the special.

Overall, the special undeniably shows how well Hart commands an audience. Any Kevin Hart fan would enjoy this stand-up because of his infectious energy and quirky jokes.

‘Kevin Hart: Irresponsible’ is available for streaming on Netflix.