Battle of the Bands raises money for TMH

Battle of The Bands / Tallahassee Health Memorial Heart&Vascular Fundraiser Check.
Photo submitted by Evenson Decosse

What a wonderful night it was Friday to enjoy great music, food  and friends as Lincoln High School hosted the 9th annual Battle of the Bands to raise money for Tallahassee Memorial’s Heart & Vascular Center.

The rainy weather could not dampen the enthusiasm for the event. The high school gym was full of family, laughter and live entertainment.

“I think we did a great job tonight,” Pat Jones, student government advisor and U.S history teacher at Lincoln High School, said.

“We spent a year raising money just for this event. So we hoped tonight would meet some kind of expectation. But, at the end of the day we made money and these kids practice all year for this night, so it’s very important to us all.”

He added: “And for the first time, a record company might be open to giving a record deal to one of our bands. It's way more exciting now.”

Talent from a number of Leon County high schools competed in the Battle of the Bands. The event welcomed all of Tallahassee’s local residents, encouraging as many people as possible to show their support for the cause.

Halfway through the evening, a $10,000 check was presented to the TMH Heart & Vascular Center.

Lisa Mullee, director of Cardiovascular Services for TMH, said, “The funds from this event do so much for us. Paying for things like equipment for our heart-failure patients, to educational tools for patients in school, and even small scales so they can weigh themselves.

“We have so much equipment we’re able to get from this, and really take care of our patients. Lincoln High School has raised so much money for us that there is actually a wing named after them within our center,” she added.

The proceeds from the fundraiser were donated to the Tallahassee Memorial Heart & Vascular Center, to ensure the advancement of their patients’ health care.

“This fundraiser has meant everything for us,” Judy Wills, the TMH Foundation Colleague and Community Engagement officer, said.

“Honestly, it has provided additional financial resources for our Heart and Vascular Center, helping our patients and their families every day. It has grown to be a very popular event here at Lincoln High, every year they raise between $10,000 to $15m000 thousand. How fantastic is that?  We’ve raised nearly $100,000 over the past nine years.”

Student government members at Lincoln High said they want to grow the event each year as they host the Battle of the Bands. Everyone in attendance was reminded their support was touching countless lives.

Madison Edmonds, a junior at Lincoln, said, “I came with my friends tonight. The music is so loud, we’ve just been dancing and playing around the whole time. I come every year because it’s the only concert we get, so I don’t see why more students don’t come.”