Student Senate talks next year’s budget


Josh Mikkel | The Famuan

The Student Senate discussing the budget with fellow Rattlers, Monday.

Florida A&M University’s Student Senate discussed the 2019-2020 budget at their Monday meeting at 6 p.m., in the senate chambers.

During the meeting two freshmen students, Kayla Braggs and De’Aundre Newsomes, and one senior student, Nathaniel Dosmond, were sworn into the 48th Senate. Some topics discussed were the Executive/Judicial Branch Reports, the Campus Activities Board Report and the University Liaison Reports.

Discussion of the 2019-2020 Activity and Service Fee Annual Budget went on during the first reading and the Senate mentioned that the funds are allocated to A&S agencies within the budget. This included talk on the amount given to large entities and events such as the Campus Rec, Homecoming, and the Office of Student Activities. Taylar Hall, Organization & Finance Committee chairwoman, said she was pleased with how the committee put this budget together.

“It is definitely a lot of pressure because as OFC Chair, I am responsible for all financial dealings within the Student Senate,” Hall said. “However, I feel that this budget is one of the best we have created in a long time.”

The budget provides financial support to many organizations.  Some new entities include the Campus SAFE Team, which is an initiative spearheaded by Senator Solomon Lamar. Their goal is to put it back in the budget to increase campus safety at night for the upcoming year.

Rochard Moricette, current senate president and SGA president elect for the 2019-2020 academic year, said he thinks this is an opportunity to ensure that the upcoming academic year is a smooth one financially.

“This is my third time working on the budget and the senators who made up the budget committee this year have ample experience working on the budget, “ Moricette said.

Moricette went on to say this budget is also the largest one in recent memory due to projected enrollment increase.

“Yes, it will have an impact in my administration next year but it will also be the legacy of my administration within the Student Senate. We are taking our time with this project because it is such a crucial endeavor,” Moricette said.

Alexis Ethridge, traffic court associate for the Justice Judicial Branch said hopefully the student body’s concerns have been taken into consideration and are reflected in the new budget.

“It personally affects me because my branches’ budget is being increased,” Ethridge said. “ With a higher budget we can implement many new and innovative initiatives to keep the student body informed and educated on their rights as students.”

The next meeting will be the 49th student senate elections. The second reading is set for the Monday following Spring Break.