SBI student gets introspective in new poetry book Business admin

SBI student Brandon Hutchinson is back with a new book called “Memoirs” which is a collection of introspective poems
Photo Submitted by Brandon Hutchinson.

Brandon Hutchinson, a business administration student at Florida A&M University, has laid another stepping stone towards his future in creative writing. Last year, Hutchinson wrote and was able to publish his first children’s book called “Benji” which is a story about a young black child who is waiting to be adopted but always sees the brighter side in any situation.  

Now, Hutchinson is back with a new book called “Memoirs” which is a collection of introspective poems, he hoped would be more relatable to a broader audience; specifically for young adults. Not wanting to lose his momentum in his fan base, he wrote “Memoirs” to keep his presence known in the community.

“The book is to keep people preoccupied until I publish new children’s book,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson described his new work as “an introspective of life, love and heartache.” He knew all the poems in the book may not resonate with many readers but hoped at least two or three may strike an emotion.

The poems in the book follow the theme of the title; the writings will be a recollection of the past and growing up. Hutchinson said most of the topics will touch upon heartache and life lessons.

“It will be a journey through different types of emotions that a teenager and young adult will go through,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson expressed his two favorite poems of the collection are “Prayer for the Prey” and “Old Be”. “Prayer for the Prey” was written years ago during the Trayvon Martin case which Hutchinson detailed as “a representation of what is going on in the black community.” “Old Be” is a coming of age poem that is a reflection of where he has been and where he wants to be in the future.

Hutchinson writes poetry from personal experience and to convey a message, which he hoped would resonate with others.

“A lot of the poetry I write takes minutes to finish because it is so fluid as far as my thoughts, or how I want to convey a certain emotion,” Hutchinson said.

Along with being a published author, Hutchinson is also considered a great friend. Close friend, Josh Williams, has known Hutchinson since middle school and recalled when Hutchinson was able to get a few of his writings published in a county-wide poetry book during that time.

“Brandon is honestly the first people I go to whenever I am in a situation or having problems in my professional life or personal life,” Williams said. “Brandon is a great listener.”

Before Williams read “Benji” he believed it would be a predictable storyline, but admitted he was proved wrong once began reading the book. Williams expressed the book is a representation of Hutchinson’s personality and will be more relatable.

“You think you know Brandon, and he does the unexpected and he’s not predictable. He always sees the positive side of people,” Williams said. “I think it will hit home a little more, maybe not something in his personal life, but I can see him trying to connect with readers who come from different backgrounds.”

Malik Mitchell is another close friend of Hutchinson who remembered the great feedback from Hutchinson’s first publication and also believed it was a great work of art. Mitchell is aware of the new poetry book, and stated he is determined to enter Hutchinson’s work into workshops, where he can reach a broader audience

“Brandon is a great friend of mine who is determined and hardworking,” Mitchell said. “He is also passionate about his writing.”

Hutchinson is now in the process of continuing the series of “Benji” scheduled to be published later this year, along with writing stories to other age demographics. In the future, Hutchinson detailed he would like to broaden his horizons and be more versatile with his writing. He said his ultimate goal is to eventually begin writing scripts for TV shows and scripts for movies.

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