Black Twitter stands with Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods on the Red Table Talk to tell her side of the Story.
Photo Courtesy of The Red Table Facebook page. 

Jordan Woods had an opportunity to tell her side of the story on Red Table Talk, and it was something that social media users were eager to comment on. There were supporters and there were people against her, but either way she told what she felt was her truth.

In February it was revealed that the professional basketball player Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloe Kardashian’s daughter, had a possible fling with Jordyn Woods — who is a longtime best friend of Kylie Jenner. It was alleged that the story was leaked by a blogger, and since it became public Woods has dealt with considerable backlash.

People who felt strongly about the messy situation took to Twitter and Instagram to gather and vent. Before Woods shared her side of the story many people had bashed her and believed that she intentionally went after Thompson even after knowing he had a history of cheating on Kardashian.

Once Woods went on Red Table Talk with her longtime family friend Jada Pinkett Smith, she answered all the questions that they had. For some, she confirmed what they thought had happened.

She admitted that Thompson had kissed her but she denied that there was ever anything between them prior to the kiss or after the kiss. She claimed not to know where it came from and said that it was harmless.

After Red Table Talk aired members of Black Twitter accepted Woods and supported her to the fullest extent. There was a shift of support for her and she was now being backed up.

Rose Young says that she watched the show and fully supports Woods. She admires her strength to speak out against the allegations that the Kardashians were throwing her way.

“As black people we need to stick together and have Jordyn's back. The Kardashians take black men away from black women all the time. But what we will not allow is for them to bash and defame a black woman for doing to them what they do to others. It just isn't right,” said Young.

People went as far as to create a GoFundMe account to raise a million dollars so that woods could break the NDA agreement she had with the Kardashians.

Black Twitter users like Brianna Dale argued that Woods was not the one to blame and that Khloe Kardashian needs to take a hint that Thompson doesn’t want her.

“Jordyn didn’t do anything wrong but because it affects the Kardashians, people are saying she is dead wrong, and it’s clear that Tristan would rather do anything but continue to be with Khloe,” said Dale.

She's not alone in her support of Woods. Darius Brown says that black people must stand with Woods just as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith did when they had Woods come on their Facebook show. He believes that if the Smiths didn’t come to support Woods or give her a platform to safely speak that the Kardashians would have ruined her over something that was much ado about not much.

“The Smiths stood by her side and they are way more powerful than the Kardashians. That speaks volumes in itself. It sparked a movement for others to rally behind her and to protect her form the Kardashian curse. They will not ruin her, she has us and we have her,” said Brown.