New developments ring trouble for FAMU campus commuters

As the leadership entities at FAMU continue to praise the expansion of developments across the university campus, many students continue to grumble about their growing concern toward limited parking availability across the university campus.

Within the past year, the university has eliminated two popular parking lot areas due to construction of a new amphitheater and student resources building. Each of these developments do not confirm the presence of extended parking spaces.

The university is now set to close what is known as the overflow parking area between Osceola and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in creation of the new 700-bed dormitory that is set to open in the fall semester of 2020.    

Graduating senior and student commuter Chelsea Maloney said, “parking availability is not good at all and it has been steadily decreasing since the closure of the Gibbs hall & Gaither gym parking lot.”

Limited parking availability does not restrict the university parking services department from implementing consequences on illegal parking practices that students follow in reaction to the lack of space.

When asking the director of parking services if there was a plan for parking space for students during the construction period in the overflow parking lot they neglected to answer.

“I am unable to answer any unsolicited questions without approval from the university communications department,” said the director of FAMU parking services.

Graduating food science student Rian White recalled an account of receiving a parking ticket. “I was ticketed for $35 after I tried parking at the Pharmacy building for a meeting. I guess since it was before 7 p.m., but parking availability is terrible, and it takes me at least 30 minutes to park and another 10 to 15 minutes to also walk to class,” said White.

Current FAMU Student Government President David Jackson, III said that when the dormitory is built parking spaces should also be renewed. However, as of during the construction phases he is unsure of the parking plans.

“From my understanding the university wants to add an additional parking garage in the area of the gravel near the new dorms after it is built. There will also be additional parking that comes with the amphitheater.” As of during construction phases “I have no clue,” he continued.

Many of the concerns that arise from students are their ability to get to their classes on time during these building phases.

“The new dormitory will affect me directly because I am already limited to the gravel parking lot and I know that this will only inconvenience me more when it comes to getting to classes on time,” said Tykia Maxwell a senior Psychology student.

Students want the university to know that although parking spaces continue to grow in limitation – they are pleased with the growing quality of life that on campus students will experience in the final phases of construction.

“I believe in the quality of life changing with time. Old dorms are old news and so will I be after I graduate. I am happy that FAMU is moving forward with enhancing student life and housing here on campus. It’s all about building towards tomorrow,” said Jessie Louis, a senior biology pre-med student.

This is a developing story the search for a construction phase parking plan continues. Check back at for more on this report.