Students discuss search for internships

Florida A&M University students have had issues securing internships, which raised a question: Whose responsibility is it to secure an internship?

Now, each school has a different process regarding internships.

The School of Business and Industry requires two internships from their students to graduate. Dewell Huell, accounting major and vice president of National Association of Black Accountant, believed the university could do more to attract companies looking for interns.

“SBI could try to become AACSB certified, that way more accounting firms and other companies can come here to recruit,” Huell said. “Also, FAMU could have more options open for students to sharpen their resume and interviewing skills so that they are able to sell themselves in the interview.”

There are resources available to students to advance their careers. The FAMU Career and Professional Development Center offers resume building, but some students think it should more in-depth.

The Career Center also sponsors an app called Handshake, this app lists jobs and internships that are available, but the app is not specific to each school. Some students prefer to use search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Huell explained how search engines helped him.

“I would simply use an app such as Google to research internships,” Huell said. “I usually input keywords into the search engine such as ‘2019 Summer Audit Internships.’”

FAMU alumnus Jesse Romimora said it was not required of him to have an internship but he knew it was tough to find them. He suggested FAMU could implement more resources to guide students to internships.

Students know it is their responsibility to find internships but also feel that the university does not do enough with providing the opportunities. Sophomore pre-nursing student Alexis Redding expressed her solutions to make finding an internship easier.

“I feel that university should be more vocal through all platforms when dealing with internships,” Redding said. “There should also be a system in place to help each major find an internship. “I have been at FAMU for two years and I have not had any internships yet. But, I plan on working to get one next year.”

There are students who go their entire college career without an internship, and expect to graduate and receive a job, but companies like to see that experience. There are also students who use their time at FAMU in other ways.

Students can find assistance in finding internships from their professors and internship coordinators explained Ranata Hughes. Hughes is the internship coordinator for the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications.

“I assist several students a day with jobs and internships, so within a full week, it's a tremendous amount,” Hughes said. “Working in this role is a lot of work, but it's so rewarding to see the students land that golden job or internship they have worked so hard to get. It's a celebration each time.”

Hughes aims to assure students gets experience before they graduate. She believed an internship could lead a student to a job after graduation. Hughes provided advice on how to have a smooth process with receiving an internship.

“The first practice to landing a great internship is simple, attend class and learn something,” Hughes said. “Once you're confident in what you've learned, research some companies you're interested in, prepare a professional resume and cover letter, let a professional proof them and send them out.”

For more information about internship opportunities, students can reach out to the FAMU Career Center.