Brisbane refuses to be a statistic

Terrance Brisbane, Jr.,  has created the brand TUSS.
Photo Submitted by Kha'Mari Mitchell

For Terrance Brisbane, Jr., growing up in Jacksonville was no breeze.

Being an African-American male in today’s society is not easy; growing up around violence and chaos is normal for most black males. But Brisbane is not letting his background and youth affect the outcome of his life.

“Not having much and seeing my mom move to another city while my dad raised me and struggled opened my eyes. My dad is definitely solid and made a way for everything I wanted but it was still an eye opener,” Brisbane said.  “It’s so many incidents in my life that are truly crazy and losing loved ones became a norm. I recently just lost my cousin a few months ago so I use and put all that energy and pain in my designs.”

Following in his father’s footsteps and coming to Tallahassee to attend school was a breath of fresh air for Brisbane. Starting at TCC before transferring this past fall to FAMU was not in Brisbane’s life plan, but he feels everything in life happens for a reason.

“Honestly I never thought I would end up in Tallahassee, other than being the closest school to home and my dad being FAMU alumni I truly think God is the only reason I'm in Tallahassee seriously,” Brisbane said.

Most young males have aspiring rap dreams. Unlike most, Brisbane has a passion for designing clothes that started in middle school. Looking back on old drawings and designs from seventh and eighth grade, his style has always been the same. After designing and creating every detail of his senior prom outfit he knew he wanted to go further with fashion.

“It’s funny how my style has always been the same. My prom outfit that I designed at such a young age was exactly what I still wanted when I got older like I guess this is truly my style,” Brisbane said with a laugh.

TUSS, which stands for together unified systematic success, is the brand Brisbane created in 2016.

Since launching his brand he has released numerous T-shirts with different logos, sweatshirts, backpacks and other custom accessory items. Having done collaborations with other up and coming designers around Tallahassee, Brisbane is excited for the pop up shop he has in the works that will bring multiple different young businesses together under one roof.

Chase Killette, creator of MoMM, another student-owned clothing brand, has known Brisbane for years and has collaborated with him on many pieces.

“Having someone that I’m close to and actually cool with that has a similar passion is honestly a weight off my shoulders sometimes because if I get stuck I call just call tee or vice versa,” Killette said. “Just brainstorming and throwing ideas and pieces together is dope”

Making sure that his items are affordable for all is important to Brisbane. Knowing what it personally feels like to not have things handed to him he wants to ensure that all children no matter the financial background and upbringing can always afford TUSS. Prices range from $15-$80.

“I enjoy supporting black-owned businesses and when the person is my age I'm rooting for them even more I bought one shirt and I wanna’ see what else he design actually” said Amber Erving, a TCC student.

For anyone interested in purchasing TUSS contact Brisbane via Instagram @together.streetwear