Railroad Square Art Park prepares for new Hyatt House Hotel

The new Hyatt House hotel that will take place in Railroad Square Art Park.
Photo Courtesy of Mountain Shore Properties.

Railroad Square Art Park and Mountain Shore Properties announced plans to build a new Hyatt House hotel and new retail building.

Many businesses, shops, and restaurants that are located near or within the Railroad Square area are excited about the new plans, hoping that it will draw more people and traffic to the art park.

The Other Side Vintage is a vintage shop in Railroad Square Art Park that sells thrifted clothes, accessories, art, home décor, and furniture. Owner of The Other Side Vintage, Zan Walker feels that it will be a wonderful addition to the area and will have a positive influx on her business.

“It will bring out of town visitors that may have never heard of the hidden gem that is Railroad Square Art Park District prior to their stay at the new Hyatt Hotel. Tallahassee is growing at a rapid rate and acquiring a boutique style hotel downtown, adjacent to Florida A&M University, Florida State University, Railroad Square, and the Civic Center is a great addition to this area,” said Walker.

The new Hyatt House hotel will be a five-story building with about 120 rooms and a great outdoor patio and eating area. The hotel will be at the entrance of Railroad Square Art Park and will include a 6,000 square-foot building that will be used for retail space.

Mountain Shore Properties and the owners of Railroad Square Art Park, Adam and Lily Boyton Kaye got approval from the city to build their new project early last summer.

Mountain Shore Properties is a West Virginia based extension of a real estate development company that started almost 40 years ago. The business came into place in 2015 and has been doing business in Tallahassee for four years. Mountain Shore Properties have also built the Hampton Inn hotel located near the art park last March.

Principle and General Counsel of Virginia Inn Management, Inc. and Mountain Shore Properties, Stephen Wendell believes this new hotel will draw guest to the Railroad Square Art Park and this side of town.

“It’s going to be a brand new hotel similar to Residence Inn, all rooms have a kitchen set up visitors who come in to town for a long stay. Everybody looks at FSU instead FAMU. This hotel will cater to FAMU parents and also people who come in town for their athletic events,” said Wendell.

While some aren’t afraid of Railroad Square Art Park losing its culture and value, Tallahassee Community College political science and communications student, Carson Leigh Olson is a bit worried.

“Even though more hotels in Tallahassee would be a great idea, I would be concerned about keeping the culture and vibe of Railroad Square the same and not changing that with a huge hotel, but it will definitely benefit the local businesses in this area,” said Olsen.

Mountain Shore Properties main goal for the Hyatt Hotel is to put the hotel in a neighborhood like area and for it to be a success.

“This will be the first Hyatt House Hotel in Tallahassee and we’re really excited. Hampton Inn has been a success and is doing really well,” stated Wendell.

First year business administration student, Allison Brown thinks the new hotel is essential to the area for parents and families of college students.

“When my mom comes down for parent’s week or when there’s just games in general there’s not a lot of places for them to stay and the places that they do have are overpriced because FSU is right there. She has a hard time of finding places that are affordable and close by so the new hotel will be very useful for parents and people wanting to come and visit the school,” said Brown.

The new hotel is expected to be open before 2021 and will sit along FAMU Way and McDonnell Drive.