HA2 goes back ‘For the Juketure’

Members of House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team after a performance. 
Photo Submitted by Jazmine Logan.

Students, family and friends lined up outside of the Lawson Center Friday waiting for the doors to open on what members of House Arrest 2 Championship Dance Team called their biggest show of the year.

The show was called For the Juketure. The event was free for students with their Rattler card but for those without, it cost $5.

The theme of the show was a trip through the decades. The music consisted of tunes from the late ’90s to 2019. The show consisted of performances from Images Modeling Troupe, Addiction Dance Experience, The Infamous Boys of Poison, The Lovely Ladies of TorQue, Voices Poetry Group, Ain’t No Chill Ent., and of course HA2.  

The night began with an introduction of the hosts Breyanna Williams, FAMU’s new 2019-2020 Queen of Orange and Green, and Bryant Floyd a graduating senior. The two are also members of HA2.  

HA2 performed four times throughout the night f. Each performance had a bit of comedy as the dance crew kept getting stuck in the past. BPhi’s performance was based off the hit 1997 movie “Men in Black.” The group mimicked the scene where Will Smith’s character got into a beat boxing contest with Biz Markie. The show even featured a shakedown contest that left some members of the audience a little upset over the choice of the winner.

HA2 puts on this big show every year to give performing arts organizations a chance to showcase their talents, according to Jazmine Logan, a recent graduate and member of HA2.

“It’s to give performing arts organizations a platform to show off what we love to do, what we put our blood, sweat and tears into and just gives us a chance to express ourselves,” said Logan.

The show started 45 minutes after their advertised time of 7 p.m. and lasted until a little bit after 10 p.m. HA2 opened the show with a look at how the styles of dance changed since the ’90s.

The second to last group to perform was The Lovely Ladies of TorQue. The theme of their performance was space. The ladies played aliens who thought that could communicate with the audience through dance.  

Alexis Burney, a member of TorQue since 2014, says that this show was completely different from previous shows.

“I think the biggest difference is that it’s really out of the box. I think the creativity, the costumes, the makeup, it's out of TorQue’s general comfort zone,” Burney said.

The night ended with a farewell performance from HA2. Logan believes that the night was a success and she is proud of her fellow dancers.

“I think we did great. The crowd was very dry, but we worked with what we had. I think the fact that Al Lawson wasn’t packed may have discouraged our newer members, but Al Lawson is a huge venue. But all in all I am proud,” Logan said.