Mr. FAMU reflects on his reign

Myles Millsap, the 19th Mr. FAMU.
Photo courtesy of Myles instagram.

Myles Millsap never planned to be Mr. FAMU. But serving as the 19th Mr. FAMU has given him considerable joy.

A fifth-year MBA candidate from Columbia, Maryland, Millsap said he had no real intention to run for Mr. FAMU a year ago. However, he knew that he wanted to make a difference on campus. So just two minutes before the deadline, he submitted his application in hope that he would be chosen.

“I felt like it was selfish not to do more. I wanted to give back,” Millsap said.

He said campaigning was a humbling experience. For starters, he wasn’t very prepared for what he was getting himself into. Millsap and his team started preparing his campaign during campaign week.

He had no real campaign manager, no content like photos or flyers, or anything that helped to prove that he was an actual candidate.

But he didn’t let these things stop him. During campaign week, Millsap made it his mission to partake in 2 a.m. photo shoots, greet students all over campus while still completing assignments and duties for his fraternity.

Once he was crowned Mr. FAMU, he hit the ground running.

Although many things went right, there were also things that went wrong. During his campaign, Millsap vowed to help the students in any way possible. He recommended partnering with the FAMU Foundation to create more scholarships for students – a promise he wasn’t able to fulfill.

“Things just didn’t happen the way I wanted,” Millsap said.

As an alternative, he created a personalized scholarship called Manhood on the Go.

In addition to not being able to work with the FAMU Foundation, Millsap was disappointed other plans fell by the wayside. They included a leadership conference for all campus leaders, a rally during election season, and an event to show his appreciation for the band.

“I really, really wanted to do something for the band,” he said. “I still plan on doing something, I’m just not sure what it’ll be yet.”

In an effort to fulfill as many platform points as possible, Myles followed through with hosting a women’s appreciation day. He said that he’s currently still working on a campus appreciation day as well as bringing back the King of the Yard basketball tournament and the 7 on 7 flag football tournament, both started before the previous Mr. FAMU, Jordan Sealy.

“It’s really hard to do everything you promise during campaigning especially with only two semesters to do it,” junior general health science major Briana Christmas said.

She understands that some candidates won’t be able to do everything they say, but doesn’t hold that against Millsap.

Finding a balance between being a student and being Mr. FAMU has been challenging for Millsap. In addition to homework and studying, Millsap was also the president of his fraternity chapter.

“During the fall, I had a lot on my plate,” Millsap said.

For the Royal Court, the fall semester is all about hustle and bustle. There are football games, conferences, and much traveling.

“I was always on the go,” he said. “My mom, my dad and my girlfriend were so supportive during this time.”

He said that his family always allowed him to be Myles when everyone else looked at him as Mr. FAMU. Millsap is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. He says that his line brothers always lightened his stressed mood. “They always understood, they joked a lot which helped me get through.”

Now as he prepares to pass on the crown, Millsap is unsure if he left an impact on the campus. “I’m my toughest critic, so I can’t say I changed things for the school,” he said.

He hopes that students saw some change during his time as Mr. FAMU. Some students may say they didn’t see an impact while others may disagree.  

Junior political science major Jabari Knox appreciates the work Millsap put in.

“I think Myles has done an excellent job as Mr. FAMU. He has continued to uphold the prestige and respect that the title holds,” Knox said.

Knox is also Millsap’s fraternity brother and has seen him work tirelessly to keep his promises to the student body.

“Him (Myles) and Imani (Miss FAMU) are a great representation of the Royal Court. He not only has completed a large number of platform points, but has made sure the student body voice has been heard,” he said.

As his reign comes to an end, Millsap is thankful for the journey. “I’ll miss the bus rides with the Royal Court the most,” Millsap said. “It was always so lit.”