Proof’s beers are the bomb

Proof, now located close to FAMIU on South Monroe Street, is Tallahassee's oldest and biggest craft brewery.
Photo Submitted by Taylor Young.

For the past couple of weeks, every time I’ve driven down South Monroe, I’ve noticed a large crowd at this newly renovated facility. It seemed as though they were  having a great time.

Of course, being a college student, I was curious.

Once I did some research, I learned that it was a brewing company called Proof, which had recently moved to South Monroe from Railroad Square Art Park.

As an amateur beer connoisseur, I had to check it out. I decided to slip in on a Sunday night, and it was a much smaller crowd. Before entering, you’re checked at the door for ID, which I appreciate so you won’t have to go through the struggle of pulling out the plastic during a night at the bar. I must say, it’s not your average looking bar.

Proof Brewing Co. gives a modern feel to beer, almost making beer sophisticated and a little classy. The logo of Proof is a diamond, and the designs are based off of that. You see triangle-shaped vases with flowers, three-dimensional shaped lights, calming colors painted on the walls.

The venue is huge; there are tables for intimate convos, big family tables for pre-games along with a massive screen that takes up the wall, and a big open space with benches called the “beer garden” for some good photo ops.

I feel in love within minutes. The set-up of the venue was very simple yet so artistic and welcoming.

Now, the beer: That was my favorite part. Proof gives you the option of tasting different beers at the price of $2-4 per beer, or you can try a flight where you can taste four beers at the price of $8. So, I took flight. My four choices were the Lager, Strawberry Banana Evil Kiss, Mango Wit, and Nitro Mango Wit.

First, the Munich-style lager, I was anxious with it because I didn’t know what to expect but he takes like the average Corona or Bud Light you would pickup from the store.

It was extremely smooth. In fact, all of the beers were. I flew to the strawberry banana beer next. It got me so excited just from the name. Who doesn’t like strawberry banana? I can say, she blew my mind. Have you ever had a beer that tastes like a smoothie? Yes! Proof has created it.

Ugh, it was so sweet and it looked like a peachy juice. She’s made with non-lactose sugar that brings out the yeast and she’s treated with real fruit! How fun. This sour beer was such a joy to explore.

At this point, I was hype. Mango Wit was my next destination. I can say the Belgian big guy calmed me down, he was so chill and subtle. The mango was just right. I would say I swallowed this one down the quickest out the four I tried. I hopped over to the Nitro Mango Wit, which was crazy smooth, like creamy smooth. I was amazed that it was even beer at this point. Completely mind-blown.

As I was taste testing and enjoying my time, I couldn’t help but notice the massive machinery behind the bar that was presented through a glass window. I was quite confused but I knew it was shown through the glass window, it had every intention of being seen. So, after my many questions the bartender told me that was the brewery. The beer I was tasting was being brewed before my eyes. I lost it.

Workers who love and adore their jobs facilitated the behind-the-glass brewery. (Clearly, because the beer was magnificent.)

I would recommend proof to any group of friends looking for a good time, coworkers who just got that first check, college students who want to release the steam of that failed exam, and that newly wedded couple who love life right now. It is a vibe for anyone and everyone, you can expect me to become a regular there.