Rattlers react to offensive promotions by top fashion brands

Gucci "blackkface sweater" (Left) and Burberry "Noose hoodie" (Right) that's caused controversy.
Photo Courtesy of Google Images.

Fashion has begun to find itself in a negative spotlight as global high-end fashion brands have changed the game with their latest disregard for sensitivity.

Brands such as Gucci and Burberry have been the focus of harsh commentary on social media with their newest clothing designs that have offended African-Americans and other parties.

Gucci made headlines recently for its newest design, which is a black turtleneck sweater that rises past the neck, covering the mouth with red lips. Social media didn’t respond to it well, calling it the “blackface sweater.”

Burberry, another high-end fashion brand, recently featured clothes during its London Fashion Week show that pictured a hoodie with a noose around its neck. Social media took offense to this as well.

The students of Florida A&M University aren’t amused by the latest fashion faux pas.

Dymone Robinson, a student at FAMU, says he wasn’t too fond of the decisions made by the creative directors of Gucci and Burberry.

“I just want to know why the creative directors didn’t think we as black people wouldn’t get offended by these stupid choices,” Robinson said. “These clothes don’t even look appealing in the first place.”

Gucci and Burberry have made public apologies and pulled the clothes from their collections. But their reactions  have perhaps come too late, as the damage was already done.

Celebrities have also announced their displeasure with the high-end fashion market for these clothing releases.

Rappers like Soulja Boy and T.I made it public that they were not interested in wearing Gucci or Burberry anymore.

When FAMU student Devon Watson saw the Burberry hoodie, he felt it was right to stop wearing the brand.

“I used to wear this stuff all throughout high school and college,” Watson said. “Now it’s distasteful for me to even throw on their gear. I’m surprised they didn’t realize what issues this might cause.”

Burberry and Gucci aren’t the only fashion brands to have made  offensive clothing a controversial topic.

H&M a clothing company, made headlines in 2018 for having a young black child model a hoodie that had the words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” It was posted on its website and many people were outraged.

The celebrity  Kevin Hart pulled from their campaign.

Though these high-profile fashion companies have come under fire for their offensive promotions, maybe this is what they planned to happen.

Natalie Johnson, a student at FAMU, says that these releases were done on purpose.

“People love controversy, so doing this is exactly what they could’ve wanted to happen,” Johnson said. “This would harm their image, but at the same time help bring in traffic to their stores and websites. Seems like a business move to me.”