Local museum specializes in Florida history

The Florida Museum of History is located on Bronough Street in downtown Tallahassee.
Photo Submitted by Myeisha Gibson.

If you want to learn more about the history of Florida, take a trip to the Museum of Florida History. The museum is free and open to the public.

The Florida Museum of History opened in 1977 and is located in downtown Tallahassee. The museum features collections, exhibits and showcases evidence of past and present cultures in Florida. The museum takes pride in promoting knowledge and appreciation of Florida’s heritage.

Florida High elementary teacher Tyeise Canidate said, “I remember when I used to visit the museum as a kid and, boy have things changed. I loved it then and I sure do love it even more now.”

Over the past few years, the museum has expanded by adding more artifacts and educational programs that are beneficial to any age. In the museum you can also find figures that replicate humans and animals with live noises.

The museum features a 27,000 square-foot gallery that presents Florida history from the prehistoric era to the mid-20th century. It is also home to Florida’s World War II Living Memorial, and boasts 45,300 artifacts.

Many local schools take their students to visit the museum because it has interactive activities and small educational films that impress the students and keep them attentive.

“I love this museum because it is so big. Me and my friends are enjoying the activities and can’t wait to come back,” said Joshua Martin, a student from Campbell Middle School.

The museum also holds monthly events that are catered to the community and re relevantly historical.

For the month of February, it is hosting “Surf’s Up, Florida!,” which will teach people about the sport and culture of surfing in the Sunshine State. Audiences will b able to see vintage and modern surfboards, shirts, posters and trophies in a replica of a surfboard shaped room.

“The Museum of Florida history is a wonderful place for anyone to visit because it is a fun and educational place. We have many events and you can find them on our website or Facebook page,” museum director Lisa Barton said.  

If you are interested in visiting the Museum of Florida History, check out the website, museumoffloridahistory.com for more information.