Campaign week is underway

Campaign week is in full swing on FAMU's campus.
Photo Submitted by D'Shai Wilkerson.

Wednesday marked the first day of spring elections at Florida A&M University. Students are vying for positions such as student body president and vice-president, Mister and Miss FAMU, king and queen of Orange and Green, junior senators and class attendants.

Breyanna Williams, a junior psychology major from West Palm Beach, is vying to become the next queen of Orange and Green and running her second race for a position on campus. “As a freshman I campaigned to become the class of 2020 president, but I didn’t win,” she said.

Williams did not let that stop her drive to make FAMU a greater institution.

Williams said she continued to stay involved in campus activities by joining women empowerment organizations, community service organizations and became an Orange and Green tour guide.

“As a platform point I will queen collection, a women empowerment event where past queen or Orange and Green will return and talk about self-love, women empowerment and what it means to be an actual queen.”

One of the main duties of queen of Orange and Green is to promote school spirit and recruit alongside Mister and Miss FAMU.

Elijah Casey, a junior criminal justice major from Phoenix, is vying to become the next Mister FAMU. “Seeking Rattlers at home, here at Florida A&M we have an enrollment problem, in 1997-1998 we have an enrollment of 15,000 students and now we’re at 9,500 students which is a big issue for me. I know that in order for us to do that we need to start recruiting in the neighboring counties such as Monticello, Lemont, Gretna and more.”

Casey believes that FAMU can recruit those students by going to them and getting the important enrollment information that they need in order to get into the university.

“One of the main duties of Mister FAMU is to be at the forefront of the university alongside Miss. FAMU whether it's going to the Capitol to fight for our university or standing with other Historical Black Colleges and Universities in the time of need.”

Robyn Seniors, a sophomoer business administration student from Tallahassee and current SGA vice president, is vying to become the next SGA president.

“One thing I would like to bring to the student body is the sexual assault liaison which will help students partner with FAMU Police Department to end counseling services and make sure people involved in sexual assault cases are properly protected and mentored throughout their time at FAMU,” she said.

One of the main duties of SGA president is to sit on the Board of Trustees and be a voice for students.

Campaign week continues until Tuesday, Feb. 26, when voting takes place.