Two new councils in works for fraternities, sororities

Listed are the organizations that are active to be a part of the 3 active councils this semester, the NPHC, the CIO, and the PFC. 
Photo Courtesy of Chazmen Geames.

When people hear the words fraternity and sorority they usually think of the “Divine 9.”

These organizations are collectively known as the NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council). The new coordinator of fraternity & sorority life, Chazmen Geames, wants to add two more councils to FAMU’s campus to be more inclusive to the other fraternities and sororities  that are not members of the Divine 9.

There are more than 20 organizations on FAMU’s campus that are considered fraternity and sorority organizations.

Geames would like to create the PFC (Professional Fraternity Council), and the CIO (Council of Independent Organizations).

There are eight organizations in the PFC; five are co-ed fraternities including Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Alpha Delta, Kappa Epsilon, and Alpha Rho Chi. One fraternity, Kappa Psi, and two sororities –  Sigma Alpha Iota and Tau Beta Sigma – round the PFC.

All eight  are recognized as professional organizations.

“After I placed the NPHC and the PFC into councils I saw that I still had eight other organizations that would not be represented into either one of those councils. So, I looked to see how I could represent these organizations as well. So, I decided to create another council for them to be represented and that then became CIO,” Geames said.

There are another eight organizations in the CIO, including the co-ed fraternity Phi Eta Phi. There are three fraternities: Phi Mu Alpha, Progressive Black Men, and Sigma Lambda Beta is in the process of chartering. The remaining four CIO members are sororities: Eternal Legendary Queens, Kappa Psi Psi, Sigma Lambda Beta and SISTUHS. These organizations may have Greek letters but not all of them do.

“I think the councils are a good idea because it will increase organization interactions,” said Terrance Christian, an MBA candidate. He is the president of Phi Mu Alpha, which would be a member of the CIO Council.

The councils would help with the organizations partnering up with other organizations that are classified under the same council.

Geames has big plans for the councils. “I would really like to create a staple event for the new councils in the springtime that would be considered their own just like how the NPHC has the Greek Step Show in the fall time,” he said.

The organizations listed above are all active for the spring semester and are eligible to participate in the councils. The first meeting for the councils will be held today. The meeting is just a planning meeting that is open to the organizations’ executive board members.

Geames said he hopes to have the leadership elections for the two councils done before spring break begins March 16.