‘What Men Want’ worth seeing twice

What Men Want is out in theatres now 
Photo courtesy of imbd.com

Actress Taraji P. Henson scores big with her newest film, “What Men Want.” She proves that she is a multi-skilled actress who can play any role presented to her. She used her wit, charm and playful spirit to tell the story of a woman who longs to understand men and their mentality.

In this romantic comedy, Henson’s character, Ali Davis, is a fearless, no-nonsense sports agent. She lives in a man’s world. As a sports agent at a firm with nearly all men, it’s hard for Davis’ light to shine because none of her colleagues take her seriously. To show that she can play with the big boys, Davis attempts to sign the next top NBA draft pick.

During a bachelorette party, Davis drank a tea provided by a psychic, which gave her the ability to hear men’s thoughts. She then used this newly developed “power” as an advantage to snag the man of her dreams, her most successful client and her new position as partner at the firm.

The writers of this film, Tina Gordon Chism and Jas Waters, were very creative with storytelling. They used jokes to help relay deeper messages that touched on topics like sexism, and race in the workplace.

This role was made for Henson. Her sassy personality and boisterous opinions shine through in this film. The chemistry she has with her co-stars make the film even more interesting to watch. She showed much familiarity with her character.

Henson’s love interest, Will, played by Aldis Hodge, adds a touch of eye candy and romances to the film. His masculine demeanor and nurturing spirit ensured the audience that he was the perfect man to change Ali Davis’ tough girl act.

This film had many moviegoers cackling in their seats. Comedian Tracy Morgan made an appearance in this movie, as the father of the top NBA draft pick. Morgan’s character challenges Davis, which pushed her to work harder at getting his son as a client. Like in many of his movies, Morgan’s character is jokester who was only needed to add laughs.

The movie was quite long; however, the enjoyable content made it fun from start to finish.

“What Men Want” teaches viewers the lesson of perseverance and self-worth. Henson’s character proves that, although there will be obstacles that get in the way of your dreams, you should never stop until you get what you want. This film is a must-see, for all.