Thurgood Marshall College Fund a resource for HBCU students

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Rebekah Hawkins, a senior at FAMU, and many other students at HBCUs across the country, are keenly aware of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Many more are seeking knowledge for a way to break into their field.

I heard of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund in high school while I began to apply for scholarships for school,” Hawkins said.

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund is one of the largest scholarship programs to support students in the black college community. It provides students with scholarships, internships and shadowing opportunities.

The nonprofit-organization has a partnership with over 40 colleges and universities focusing in the areas of STEAM and entrepreneurship.

HBCU students from across the country who participate in this program can grow professionally and academically.

Many HBCU students, including some FAMU students, have been fortunate enough to attend some of the organization’s biggest events.

Many of their programs include the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program (I&E Program) an initiative that provides its participants with the opportunity to expand their networks and receive feedback on their entrepreneurial career goals. Along with this program they also have the Moguls in the Making.

The TMCF also provides students with study aboard opportunities.

Hawkins reflected on her experience at the TMCF 2018 Leadership Institute, held in Washington DC.

It was an amazing experience attending seminars, panel discussions, networking and interviewing with some of the top companies in the United States and ending the weekend with a beautiful gala.”

Hawkins said the conference was one of the most intense professional development experiences she’s ever had.

Students from different HBCUs attended the conference and they were privileged to network and interview with major companies.

Dymin Cannon, a sophomore at Florida A&M, is a recent recipient of TMCF scholarship.

“Being a part of their program it has taught me the importance of branding myself and taking advantage of every single opportunity,” he said.

As a part of their initiative the TMCF programs highlight major occupational field such as STEM with their Boeing Scholars Program.

Patrice Hall, a junior at Tuskegee University in Alabama, is a participant in the Boeing Scholars Program. The program provides its participants with two $10,000 scholarships, a signing bonus upon graduation, two internships and first-hand exposure to the Boeing work environment.

“I’ve benefited more honestly from the networking experience than anything else, through attending a conference with a weekend filled with events through the program. I’ve gotten to meet the senior IT strategist which led to them recommending me for a position and personally becoming my mentor,” said Hall.

Through the TMCF, HBCU students are given the opportunity to explore and network within the STEM, Business and Educational fields. The program also provides students with funding and means to explore their field in and out the U.S.