McCrary leads pre physical therapy group

Aaliyah D McCrary is the new president of the Health Science and Pre Physical Therapy organization’s new president. 
Photo Submitted by Tychae Grays.

The Health Science of Pre Physical Therapy Association recently elected a new president, Aaliyah McCrary.

McCrary is a senior pre physical therapy major from Jacksonville. Prior to McCrary being elected president of the organization she was Miss HSPPTA.  The work she did in that position helped her get elected president of the organization.

“I really want this organization to be active on campus and to expand because there are a lot of pre-physical therapy students who don’t really know about this organization,” McCrary said.  
“On top of that they are also in these general science classes that have people with other majors so they are unable to connect with the people in the same major.”

For the upcoming months McCrary and the rest of the organization’s executive board have several events planned for the members and the rest of the campus.

Michael Hutchinson, a junior pre physical therapy major and historian of the organization, believes the group is headed in the right direction.

“This semester we have our reoccurring half-n-half Valentine’s Day fundraiser and a new Valentine’s themed gift fundraiser where members will sell light up roses and candy bags,” he said. “Along with fundraising we will be doing community service events including the Harambe festival, Relay for life and ramp building for the elderly. There will also be a week full of events dedicated to fundraising, volunteering and social events for new and existing members.”

One of McCrary’s goals is to make sure the members are benefiting from the organization. McCrary wants to prepare members for their careers by showing them PTcas, a website primarily for Pre physical student to upload their resume and apply for jobs ,as well as, the GRE test, a standardized test for students going to grad school.  Another goal for McCrary is to make sure that students are aware of the resources provided to them on FAMU’s campus.

“We want to have panel discussions for the students who join this organization, so they can learn how to use their resources and networking skills through the pre physical therapy alumni that are currently in their career,” McCrary said.

Zion Blakely , a Tallahassee native and freshman pre-physical therapy major, attended the recent meeting to learn about the organization. “I am looking to be more involved with the people in the pre physical therapy major,” he said. “I think this will be a chance to network with people in my field.”

McCray is ready for the upcoming semester. She has fundraising events, community service events and panel discussions planned for members of the organization. Members will also be able to network with alumni who will provide information on the do’s and don’ts of job-hunting after graduation.